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Hello and welcome to a Football Manager 2018 player guide. In this series of articles we look at various youngsters in-game. We take a look at how you can improve your development of this player and how they progress five years into the future. In this guide we look at Tammy Abraham.

Name: Tammy Abraham

Date of Birth: 2nd October 1997

Nationality: English

Position: Striker


Tammy Abraham | FM18 attributes

Tammy Abraham | FM18 Player Guide

Role Suitability and Report

Tammy Abraham is a natural striker who prefers the defensive forward role. He is competent in the complete-forward and advanced forward roles up top. Right-footed Abraham is able to play in all three attacking midfield roles, though of the three he is most confident on the right-wing.

Tammy has good physical attributes and decent numbers for a striker. He’s not as strong when it comes to both passing and vision, meaning he won’t be as effective in a supporting striker role. This could mean that Abraham would benefit from playing alongside another striker or in front of a creative attacking midfielder. He could fail to create enough chances if he is alone up top.

tammy abraham report

Tammy Abraham | Coaching Report

As you can see from his report, Abraham possesses great pace and a high work rate. He’s considered to be well-suited to a Championship side so will benefit hugely from regular first-team football with Swansea in the PL this season.

If you are Swansea manager, Wilfried Bony is certainly the better striker but Abraham is not far behind. He certainly would be a good second striker to play alongside Bony or to be used off the bench to add some extra pace to the side.

Training | How to get the best out of this young player

  • Training

Tammy Abraham has 1 player preferred move: Plays with back to goal. As a physical presence this PPM makes sense; he is 194cm tall and has good physical attributes. But as mentioned earlier I don’t think that Abraham will be as effective at bringing others into play due to his low passing and vision. Therefore I’d rather Abraham focuses on scoring goals, and to score goals he’d be better off facing the goal!

I would train Abraham in the poacher role. He has decent all-round attributes and therefore if I focus in on trying to improve his core attacking numbers it could be more beneficial in the long-run. We can always try and improve specific attributes later on in his career.

training schedule

Tammy Abraham training schedule

untraining ppm

  • Tutoring

As Abraham is a loan player at Swansea he won’t be able to learn from a tutor there. Back at Chelsea there isn’t really a stand-out option as a tutor. Only Alvaro Morata would be old enough to tutor Abraham, but his PPM’s (argues with officials, knocks ball past opponents, runs with ball often) would not be a priority for Abraham to learn.

  • Game-time

At Swansea, Abraham will be hoping for regular first-team football. But once he returns to Chelsea he would be right in fearing for his long-term development. Many a youngster has failed to progress from the Chelsea youth ranks into the first team. But as mentioned earlier Chelsea do not have many options up front. Perhaps Abraham could take advantage of this.

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For the next portion of our guide, we’ve simulated five years into the Football Manager future to see how our youngster has progressed.

Five Years On


Tammy Abraham in 2022

Tammy Abraham hasn’t developed or progressed as much as he would have liked over the last five years.

career history 1

Tammy Abraham Career History

He’s played for 6 clubs in those five years, 4 of which were loan spells away from Stamford Bridge. I think it is clear that moving about so much hasn’t helped his development. Although first-team football was found in each of his loan spells, his development may have been hindered by moving about so much and having to adapt to a new club each season.

He has now joined Middlesbrough on a permanent deal which could see him finally settle down and begin to perform to his potential. It is a great shame that he couldn’t force his way into Chelsea’s first-team setup.

Infographic Abraham

Tammy Abraham | Statistics for 2017-2022

Tammy Abraham scored 48 goals in 150 appearances. Interestingly, and perhaps as expected, he only managed four assists in those games. Though capped by England in real-life, Abraham hasn’t earned a call-up in-game and remains uncapped by his country.

Tammy Abraham GIF

Tammy Abraham | Five-year development GIF

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