KRC Genk | Glenn Toussaint #2 | Football Manager 2018 Stories

Welcome to another instalment by FMRookieGlenn here on VivaLaVidaFM. If you missed his first post, do go back to check it out here. Here we met Glenn Toussaint, an injury-hit ex-footballer with a passion for the game. Let’s see where Toussaint has ended up after his successes in Belgian youth team football.

After a good season with the Under-19 squad at Charleroi, I was approached by my former club, and my big football love, KRC Genk. They wanted to talk to me about managing the first team! After failing to qualify for PO1 (the champions group), they wanted someone who could bring them consistently in the top of the competition. They also were looking for someone who wanted to work with young players! I didn’t have to think long about it and I almost immediately said yes to the proposition. Now I am ready for my first job as manager!

K Racing Club Genk_ General

KRC Genk Club Details

A bit about Genk

KRC Genk was founded in 1988 after a merge between THOR Waterschei and KFC Winterslag. In their first few years Genk struggled to maintain a place in the top division of Belgian football. This was until Branko Strupar and Aime Antheunis came to the club. With Strupar being a killer in front of goal and Antheunis a ‘wonder’ coach they became a very potent threat to the top teams in Belgium. Under the reign of Antheunis, they won the cup in 1998 and the title in 1999. They would go on to win 2 more titles and 3 more cups.

K Racing Club Genk_ History Overview

KRC Genk Club Honours

Although KRC Genk have all they need to claim a place at the top of the Belgian league every season, for various reasons they fail to consistently. The biggest problem behind their failings is that they sell their biggest talents too soon! Remember players like Kevin De Bruyne, Thibaut Courtois, Divock Origi, Yannick Fereira Carrasco, Kalidou Koulibaly… For me it’s the job now to try and hold on to the biggest talents, and try to be a title contender every season!

K Racing Club Genk_ Facilities

KRC Genk Club History

NOTE: In their history Genk have 6 Croky (or Belgian) victories. 2 of these are from the KFC Winterslag era. The founding date of the club is that of KFC Winterslag.

In the next update I will talk you through the squad! Thank you for reading!

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