An Introduction | Ostersunds FK #0 | An FM18 Story

Back in November 2016, I started my FM17 ‘VivaGlobetrotting‘ series where my alter-ego Alejandro Hurtado began his managerial career. He went from Chile to Colombia, managing Deportes Puerto Montt, Union San Felipe and Deportes Tolima.

After a brief spell with the Colombian national team (including a World Cup experience), Hurtado moved on to Argentina with River Plate. Getting this high profile job was the event that led to Hurtado’s eventual move to Europe. But before Europe, a quick stop in the USA with Chicago Fire came.vivag finale

Hurtado joined Celta Vigo in the early 2030’s and over the decade he helped them become a constant top 4 club in Spain, regularly competing in Europe and challenging for La Liga.

Across the entire FM17 lifespan I only managed in three European countries, two of which came after regens had populated the game. And so for Football Manager 2018 I will be starting in Europe.

Ostersunds FK

In the build-up to FM18 I released several posts looking at teams to manage in the game. One of the most interesting sides from my series was Ostersund in Sweden.

Ostersunds FKThe club was formed in 1996 and have only competed in one top division Swedish season. This came last year and they finished in 8th place. Incredibly, they managed to win the Swedish Cup and qualified for the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Europa League.

This means that for Football Manager 2018 Ostersund will be in the Swedish top tier for only their second season but they’ll have the added pressure of playing in Europe. In real-life Ostersund have reached the Group Stage of the competition, knocking out both Galatasaray and PAOK in the qualifying rounds.

My Aims For This Series

VivaGlobetrotting began with the aim being to win every playable competition in South America. But the aim developed over the save into winning the Champions League with Vigo. I do like having an aim for a save, but I am in no doubt that it will be fluid and will develop over the course of the save.

  • Focus on our manager, and not on our players

Alejandro Hurtado is a name that will stick with me from FM17. I created a whole series based on him and another series based on his son, Federico. With journeymen saves players are often forgotten due to the manager moving on and the focus shifting away to another club.

I remember many players from having immersed myself deeply into VivaGlobetrotting, but I doubt many of my readers will remember any players. The focus for my FM18 save will be on our manager (although I’m sure certain players will play a prominent role in the series, remember the Jeraldino twins).

  • Win, and win BIG

Over the course of my main FM17 save, I can’t look back and remember many competition wins.

I won a couple of Copa del Rey’s with Vigo and a couple of cups with River Plate. Certainly my biggest achievement was winning the Chilean Primera Division with Union San Felipe. But other than that I didn’t really win much.Trofeo_Apertura_1997_Chile

I want to win a lot of things this year, and it all starts with this save. I plan to move about a fair bit to win as many competitions as I can. Let’s hope this starts with Ostersund!

  • Record my progress in Excel

On Football Manager 2016 I had a massive database which recorded each and every save I played on the game. I recorded every game I played and made several tables. Below is a table I made with my results in each competition I played in on FM16.

Competition (FM16) P W D L F A GD PTS Win %
Italian Serie A 320 201 73 46 602 262 340 676 62.8
English Premier League 259 142 49 68 502 288 214 475 54.8
Chilean First Division 205 64 43 98 240 317 -77 235 31.2
Vanarama National South Division 182 80 35 67 269 255 14 275 44.0
Welsh Premier Division 139 100 27 12 325 102 223 327 71.9
UEFA Champions League 137 70 26 41 260 167 93 236 51.1
Spanish Adelante 134 55 36 43 199 186 13 201 41.0
Belarusian Highest League 120 88 12 22 260 85 175 276 73.3
Chilean First Division B 118 74 24 20 284 110 174 246 62.7
Chile Cup 89 39 23 26 138 110 28 140 43.8
Hyundai A-League 86 41 28 17 133 85 48 151 47.7

This is just a sample from the table, I’d played in many more competitions!

The plan is to have this table for my FM18 save and to update it in each post. I also recorded my results for each club I played for and each nation I played in on FM16, I will be doing this again for FM18.

Country (FM16) P W D L F A GD PTS Win %
England 687 341 138 202 1191 808 383 1161 49.6
Chile 417 180 86 146 684 553 131 626 43.2
Italy 405 252 94 60 683 297 386 850 62.2
Spain 219 88 51 81 310 296 14 315 40.2
Wales 186 134 33 17 474 141 333 435 72.0
Belarus 183 127 23 34 411 144 267 404 69.4
France 143 64 30 47 248 209 39 222 44.8
Australia 125 70 34 27 240 142 98 244 56.0

I’m looking forward to my FM18 version of this table!

Introducing…. Oscar Friberg

Oscar Friberg is an ex-professional footballer (from FM17 of course) who became a Swedish legend. He was born in Helsingborg and began his professional career with Malmo. From there, he played for Manchester City, Barcelona and Southampton where he ended his playing career.oscar friberg

Over the course of his career, the centre-back made 355 league appearances for his 4 clubs and was capped for Sweden on 122 occasions.

Many expected Oscar to pursue his coaching badges in England after spending many years there, but instead he has decided to return to Sweden where he grew up.

oscar friberg manager attributes

Oscar Friberg Manager Attributes

Oscar Friberg will be joining Swedish Premier Division side Ostersunds FK to begin our Football Manager 2018 story.

One thing to mention… The Swedish football season takes place from March until November, meaning that I’d have several options of when to begin my FM18 save.

I will be choosing to start the save at the beginning of the Europe League campaign (19/06) which means that 13 league matches will already have been played in the Swedish Allsvenskan. I have run several ‘test’ saves in which Ostersund have ranged between 3rd and 12th, showing that the loading of a new game will be random.

This, though potentially save-changing, doesn’t really bother me. I think it makes for a better story with Oscar Friberg joining the club midway through the season.

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9 thoughts on “An Introduction | Ostersunds FK #0 | An FM18 Story

  1. Great fun! Im from Östersund and a fan of the club. One thing though: Its NEVER Östersunds (with an s in the end). Its either Östersund or Östersunds FK, which means Östersund’s Football Club, or short ÖFK.

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