Philippe Coutinho | FM18 Player Guide

Hello and welcome to a Football Manager 2018 player guide. In this series of articles we look at various footballers in-game. We take a look at how each player performs in season one of FM18 and we see where they are in five years time. In this guide we review Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool.

Name: Philippe Coutinho

Date of Birth: 12.06.1992

Nationality: Brazilian

Position: Attacking Midfielder


Philippe Coutinho | FM18 attributes

Philippe Coutinho | FM18 Player Guide

Role Suitability and Report

Phillipe Coutinho is a fairly versatile midfielder who can play naturally in both the AML and AMC positions. His favoured role across the positions is to play as an inside forward. He is also well-suited to playing as an advanced playmaker either in the AML or AMC slot.

Coutinho is a star player for most Premier League sides. His 18 in dribbling, technique and flair combined makes him a very difficult opponent to come up against. His only real negative, according to this scout report, is that his poor heading ability means he won’t ever threaten the opposition in the air.


Philippe Coutinho report

Coutinho is one of Liverpool’s best players and therefore it would make sense to play him in his preferred position and role. As an inside forward he will provide a great threat with his high dribbling and flair attributes and he is more than capable of scoring goals.

His high composure gives him the edge when faced with high-pressure situations. This goes well with his ‘enjoys big matches’ strength.

Player Traits

Coutinho has four player traits to be aware of.

  1. Shoots from distance
  2. Plays one-twos
  3. Runs with ball often
  4. Cuts inside from left wing

Of these player-preferred moves, the one I would normally worry about is the ‘shoots from distance’ trait. Coutinho does have 16 in his long shots attribute and therefore could well prove a threat from distance, but if you are looking to play a possession style of football then this is something to look at.

Career so far

career so far

Philippe Coutinho | Career History

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For the next portion of our guide, we simulate the first season of Football Manager 5 times. We will look at how our player has performed in each season.

Later on, we also take a look at our player five years on. We discuss how they have developed and how successful (or not) they have been.


In the five simulations of the first season of FM18, Philippe Coutinho average 10.6 goals and 10.2 assists per season. These statistics are taken from all club games throughout the season.

A surprising statistic is his pass completion, a seemingly low 57.2%. In game Coutinho has 15 for passing and 17 for vision. However, the cause of this statistic is probably down to his position. Liverpool utilised Coutinho in his preferred inside forward position, which would lead to his passing to become more direct and risky. He would also have been required to have crossed the ball from the left wing, thereby bringing down his passing success rate significantly.

infographic #1

Philippe Coutinho | His averages in season one of FM18

Five Years On

coutinho 2022

Philippe Coutinho in 2022

There is no real difference to Coutinho’s game, in terms of his attributes, by 2022. He has remained with Liverpool, despite the persistent interest from the likes of Barcelona and PSG, and has helped them to 6 trophies in the past five years.


  • 3x Europa League
  • 2x European Super Cup
  • 1x FA Cup
infographic #2

Philippe Coutinho | 2017-2022

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