So It Begins | Edinburgh City #1 | Football Manager 2018 Stories

Welcome to a new series here on VivaLaVidaFM. This series will be written by Joe and will follow his save with Edinburgh City as he looks to take the lower league Scottish side to the Champions League. Do give Joe a follow on Twitter here: @littlejoe54321 Continue reading

Football Club Midtjylland | FM18 Club Guide

FC Midtjylland are a Danish professional football club based in Herning and Ikast in the midwestern part of Jutland, Denmark. The team formed as a result of a merger between two football clubs – Ikast FS and Herning Fremad. Midtjylland compete in the Danish Superliga, winning it for the first time back in 2015. Continue reading

Review of our Key Players | Glenn Toussaint #5 | Football Manager 2018 Stories

Welcome to the fifth instalment of FMRookieGlenn’s Football Manager story with KRC Genk. In the previous post, we saw how successful Glenn Toussaint’s first year of management was. In this post we look at the players who made the year so successful. Continue reading

The Squad | Ostersunds FK #2.2 | An FM18 Story

Oscar Friberg has been with Ostersund for just over 18 months now and has had time to put his own stamp on the squad. In this time, he has finished 5th and 2nd in the Swedish top division – an impressive feat for the young Swede. Continue reading

Club Brugge KV | FM18 Club Guide

Club Brugge Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging, known as just Club Brugge, is a football club based in Bruges in Belgium. They were founded in 1891 and play at the Jan Breydel Stadiu with a capacity of 29,472. Continue reading

Season Two Review | Ostersunds FK #2.1 | An FM18 Story

In our second season with Ostersunds FK, the Swedish side currently taking the Europa League by storm in real-life, we’ve had a lot of fun. After completing our latest season, I will be writing four posts on various topics. This post will be our season review where I’ll look at our season and how we’ve performed in 2018. Below you can see the four posts that I’ll be writing in the coming days/weeks. Continue reading

A Successful First Year | Glenn Toussaint #4 | Football Manager 2018 Stories

Welcome to Part Four of FMRookieGlenn’s maiden Football Manager series. This series follows young manager Glenn Toussaint as he enters the world of football management. In the previous post, we saw how well Toussaint’s side performed in the first half of the Belgian league season. This post details the second half of Toussaint’s first year in management. Continue reading