Part 1 | Motorsport Manager | Create a Team

Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing – Warren Bennis

Alejandro Hurtado will need to learn fast if he is to make a success of his new career in motorsport management. The successful Chilean is renowned worldwide for his exploits in football management. His achievements have allowed him to retire from the game early to pursue other projects and interests.

The world of motorsport is an ever changing environment and one that Hurtado will need to adapt to quickly if he has any chance of making this new life chapter a happy one. We will be following Hurtado throughout his career as manager of the newly created motorsport team VivaRacing.

A new adventure is about to begin.

VivaRacing Overview

The Team

  • Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes

Andre Gomes | Driver Profile

  • Faith Anthony
Faith Anthony

Faith Anthony | Driver Profile

Black Sea GP

Race 1 Results

Black Sea GP | Race 1 Results

VivaRacing will be satisfied with their debut race in the European Racing Series. Anthony finished in 16th position with Gomes two behind in 18th, giving the team a 9th place finish in the team standings.

VivaRacing have decent drivers in comparison with other teams, ranking in 7th place in terms of driver quality. However, in each other field the team rank in 10th place, having the lowest ranked car, staff, headquarters and sponsors of all 10 teams in the series.

Munich GP

Race 2 - result

Munich GP | Race 2 Results

An impressive performance from the Gomes and Anthony saw them finish in 9th and 11th place respectively. A well-managed race shows some good signs for the team moving forward.

Race 2 - fan reaction

VivaRacing | Fan/Media Reaction

Overall Standings

Standings after Race 2

Standings after Race 2 | European Racing Series

The expectation of the board is that VivaRacing finish 10th or above (which is an odd expectation to have considering it’s impossible to finish any lower). Hurtado himself is far more ambitious than that and will be eager to push on from this stable start.

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