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Federico Hurtado has had a rather quiet summer. After finishing 14th in League One last season, Torquay are expected to finish 20th this year. Yet Hurtado hasn’t rushed out to sign too many players and has instead stuck largely with the team that survived League One.

In the last part of VivaTorquay, we saw how poorly Torquay’s midfielders played last season, with non-strikers contributing just 11 goals across the entire season. It could have been easy to think that the players were not good enough, but Hurtado approached the problem in a different manner.

We saw how Hurtado analysed his players and built a tactic to encourage his midfielders to contribute more goals to the team. To read in more detail about how he did this, follow the link below.

The following post will look at how the new tactic has fared for Hurtado and his men.

3rd in League One | The Playoffs

past positions

An impressive end to the year saw Torquay finish in 3rd place

The graph shows clearly how Torquay got stronger as the season went on and they became accustomed to their new tactic. Hurtado’s side finished in 3rd place which meant that the Playoffs would decide the final team to be promoted to the Championship.

For a team who were predicted to finish in 20th, a place in the playoffs can only be looked as a great achievement. Promotion would be a huge one.

Unfortunately for us, Ebbsfleet took advantage of our inconsistent patch of form leading up to the playoffs to book their place in the final. A 4-1 defeat over the two legs was a fair result.

league table

League One final table | 2046/47

Did our midfielders score more goals? Was the change of tactic a success?

tweak of 4-4-2 tactic

Torquay United formation 45/46

formation and tactic

Torquay United formation 46/47

Above you can see the change we made to our formation. However, the crucial changes were made to both the mentality and team shape as we looked to play with a very fluid shape. This meant that our midfielders were more inclined to making forward runs that would threaten the opposition’s defence.

Let’s take a look to see how effective Hurtado’s change in tactic was.

2045/46 | 2046/47

  • Games Played: 52 | 60
  • Goals Scored: 63 | 105
  • Goals Conceded: 76 | 77
  • Goals scored per game: 1.21 | 1.75
  • Goals conceded per game: 1.46 | 1.28
  • Goals from non-strikers: 11 | 35

The stats are clear. Our change of tactic (discussed in more detail in our previous post) made a massive impact on how we played. Our success from this season can be attributed to the hard work put in off the pitch last season as we sat down and thought about how we could score more from midfield.

24 more goals came from the non-strikers this year compared to last year. An impressive season for Federico Hurtado and Torquay United.

Moving Forward

Without doubt the aim for next year has to be promotion. Having come so close this year, failure to earn promotion would be considered as a failure in Hurtado’s eyes. The board isn’t as fussed as they only look for a mid-table finish or above.

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