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Torquay United returned to the Conference after a successful 2040/41 season under Federico Hurtado. After winning the Conference South, Torquay came into the season in high spirits but knew that several signings were needed in order to continue to progress.

With a squad depleted after many players were released, Federico Hurtado set about searching for the right players to fit his side. We’ll take a look more in depth at these transfers later.

Torquay United return to the Conference

league table

Conference League Table 2041/42

Torquay United finished in 14th place, many points clear of both the playoffs and the relegation zone. The board’s expectations were to avoid relegation and that has been done, but have Torquay progressed as much as Hurtado would have liked?

The importance of Cup runs

It was discussed in the club overview how poor Torquay are financially. And so it becomes even more important to progress in the two cup competition, the FA Trophy and the FA Cup.

Over three seasons Torquay have failed to progress past the 2nd round of the FA Trophy and the 1st round of the FA Cup. Federico Hurtado will be hoping to change this moving forward. An away tie against one of England’s biggest sides could be crucial in the progression of the club.

Hurtado in the transfer market

Torquay signed no fewer than 12 players over the summer, but how many of them really made an impact over the 41/42 season? Let’s take a look at the players signed and see how they performed this season.

Stuart Cox: Played 50 @ 6.78. Signed as a key player

Toby Axford: Played 15 @ 6.77. Signed as backup

Brenton Swann: Played 24 @ 7.13. Signed on loan as a rotation option

John Osagie: Played 34 @ 6.78. Signed on loan as a first team player

Steve Lacey: Played 49 @ 6.97. Signed on loan as a first team player

Eden Joseph: Played 5 @ 6.45. Signed as backup

Ashley Fox: Played 20 @ 6.58. Signed as a rotation option

Oliver Richardson: Played 21 @ 6.70. Signed as a rotation option

Paul Houghton: Played 19 @ 6.72. Signed as a backup

Connor Spendiff: Played 34 @ 6.80. Signed as a rotation option

Kevin Stone: Played 29 @ 6.80. Signed on loan as a rotation option

Jason Alleyne: Played 24 @ 7.05. Signed as a first team player

Having a look through these signings shows how few first team or key players Hurtado signed for the club. Only four players came in with such expectations, meaning we had at least 7 players from our Conference South squad deemed worthy of that role in a higher league.

And this told through our league performances. Although we finished 14th (which hints at a successful season and therefore correct signings) we need to continue to build for the future.

Of our signings only Cox would be capable of playing in a higher division, and this would be as a rotation option only.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some comparisons between Stuart Cox and three other right-backs from 3 of the better teams to miss out on promotion. It is clear that he is on par with them all, but it is also clear that he is no better.

Federico Hurtado needs to sign players capable of taking this club to the next level, League Two.

What’s next?

  • Sign players who could perform in League Two
  • Look to push towards the playoffs

Two simple goals but ones that are essential in moving our club forward. We need to have much better transfer windows moving forward if we want to progress up the leagues; Stuart Cox was our best signing of the window yet he would only be a rotation option in League Two.

A promising season, but one that we can definitely build upon. There is much work ahead for Federico Hurtado and his men.

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