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Austria Wien (known as Austria Vienna in English) are an Austrian football club based in the capital city Vienna. They are domestically the second most successful team in Austria, behind city rivals Rapid Wien.

In Football Manager you will take over a side without a league title for the past three seasons. Red Bull Salzburg have risen to the top of the Austrian leagues, meaning you will have a strong challenger for the league title over the coming seasons.

The following post is an overview of the club should you choose to take them on in Football Manager 2017. Go on, be someone new!

The Squad

Top Players

larry kayode

Larry Kayode

Nigerian forward Larry Kayode is considered to be one of your better players as you join Austria Wien. He has rapid pace and could easily be a threat in attack, but his poor finishing, composure and concentration attributes means there are probably better options out there.

robert almer

Robert Almer

Robert Almer is your goalkeeper and at the top of the list when you sort your squad by current ability. He has plenty of international experience with Austria and brings good leadership to the back line.

raphael holzhauser

Raphael Holzhauser

Raphael Holzhauser is arguably your best player as you join the club. The versatile midfielder can play in many positions and has good passing and vision to be able to be used in a creative role.

Hot Prospects

alaxandar borkovic

Alexandar Borkovic

17 year-old Austrian Alexandar Borkovic is a central defender in the reserve team. He has potential to progress and develop into a good centre-back should you decide to put faith in him.

marko kvasina

Marko Kvasina

Marko Kvasina could be your best prospect at the club. The nineteen year-old plays as a striker and already possesses good physical attributes. You should look to give him some tutoring in order to improve his determination and personality to really get the most out of his potential.

dominik fitz

Dominik Fitz

Dominik Fitz is an attacking midfielder who has an ambitious personality. His mentals are fairly decent for his age, but he needs to develop in all areas in order to prove an important player moving forward.

The Club



Austria Wien facilities

  • Impressive Training Facilities
  • Excellent Youth Facilities
  • Good Junior Coaching
  • Established Youth Recruitment



Austria Wien finances

Like most teams outside of Europe’s top five leagues, Austria Wien have a limited budget despite being a consistent top Austrian side. Champions League football is a must for the finances of the club if you wish to become a dominant force in Austria.

The Rivals


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Interestingly, Austria Wien are competitive rivals with Spanish club Athletic Bilbao. Having looked around online, it seems that a 2009 Europa League match between the sides (in which ugly disturbances forced a second-half suspension) could be the cause of this.

Your Goal


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As you can quite clearly see, Rapid Wien lead the way when it comes to league titles in Austrian football. Your job is to build a club capable of overtaking your city rivals. Being 8 titles behind means your task will be a long term goal, which allows you time to perhaps dominate in European competitions first.

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