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Today marks the beginning of the end for our VivaGlobetrotting series. As you may have seen in the previous post, Federico Hurtado, son of Alejandro, has begun his managerial career. We will begin to follow his career as he tries to emulate his father’s achievements.

But before we move on to our Federico Hurtado adventure, we must conclude the Vigo portion of Alejandro Hurtado’s career. Having secured Vigo’s status as a regular in continental football, the goal has to be to progress far enough to challenge for the Champions League.

The following post is our plan to win the Champions League within three years.

From our current squad, who could win the Champions League?

We will be playing a narrow formation without wingers. This should help you to understand the players we have chosen and the players we are looking for.


We need a world-class goalkeeper. We have Mario Baixauli, who is by no means bad, but we need a goalkeeper who is unquestionably reliable between the sticks. The David de Gea or Hugo Lloris of the current era.


Right-back is a position that we need to strengthen. Stjepan Bonacic is an average backup player in a CL winning squad, not a starter.


francisco javier perez

Francisco Javier Perez

Perez could well be the rock at the back that will win us the CL. His 20 in strength allows him to bully opposition strikers. He is by no means slow either with 14 pace. But he does need another top class centre back to play alongside.


boris poldrugac

Boris Poldrugac

Boris Poldrugac is a good full-back. But I envisage him to end up as the weakest of the players in our CL-winning squad. He could well be replaced should the right player come up, but we won’t be actively looking to replace him.

A complete overhaul of the squad would not help up in the short term.

Central midfielders

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Our formation uses three central midfielders and I believe that we already have two that will win us the CL. Lubos Ulrich and Robert Ivekovic, 21 and 22 respectively, have three years to improve and will be at their peak by the time we really push continentally.

Attacking central midfielders

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Though our formation plays just one attacking midfielder, we have two who could play and be the creative outlet that we need. Both Manel and Fabello will be crucial over the next three years.


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Hugo Santiago and Junior Makengo can lead our line for years to come. Both 21, they too would be approaching their peak in three years time. Let’s hope they can strike up a partnership to challenge the powers of the Jeraldino twins in an earlier VivaGlobetrotting era.

So, these are the players that we hope to build our squad around. We will be looking at extending their contracts to ensure we can keep hold of them for the foreseeable future.

Building multiple tactics

In order for us to progress through the knockout stages of Europe’s biggest competition we need to be able to go away to teams like Bayern and Barcelona and hold out for a draw.

So it has been necessary to build a tactic to allow us to do so.

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Both of these tactics are in the early stages of construction and are likely to be adapted over the next three years. But we will be sticking to our formation as the players we bring in will be signed for these tactics.

We don’t want to bring players in for the formation for it to then be changed.

Improving the club all round – staff, facilities and finances

  • Staff

A Champions League winning side will have a strong backroom team who help the squad prepare for games, analyse opponents and scout out world-class talent.

We need to build our backroom team to allow us to compete with the best around Europe.

  • Facilities

Celta Vigo are lucky enough to have a board who are constantly willing to improve facilities. We will be continuously looking to improve and upgrade our facilities to keep up with the very high standards of world football.

  • Finances

Thanks to the huge £95M fee received from Henrique Canha, we are financially stable. However, we are predicted to lose money over the coming years and as such we need to either sell players or develop a strategy to make money.

With our continued success in Europe we will hopefully be able to bring in more sponsorship money over the next few seasons.

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Thank you for reading our three year plan to win the Champions League with Celta Vigo. It will be a massive challenge, and one that I am not entirely sure we will achieve. But to have a plan in place helps us to no end and will give a structure for the next few years to aim high.

Whether we win the CL or fail miserably, after three more seasons VivaGlobetrotting will end. Alejandro will resign from Celta Vigo and our story will move on to follow his son Federico Hurtado as he aims to bring a team from the depths of English football right to the top.

Be sure to follow the blog if you want to read more posts like this, and give us a follow on our social media accounts linked above.


5 thoughts on “Three Year Plan | VivaGlobetrotting | Football Manager Stories

  1. I have got to a similar stage in my save where I want something fresh. I’ve only managed top-flight sides in Europe on my save. My end goal is to win the top 6 European Leagues (Portugal, Spain, England, Germany, France, Italy) and so far I’ve won 4. I need to do Spain and Italy. However, I think if Bayern II go up to the 3. Liga I will create a son, initially under me but eventually be managing in the Portuguese lower leagues. I’ll probably run his career along with his dad until I’ve completed my goal.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s cool! My save started as a challenge to win all South American competitions. This changed as it wouldn’t have made sense for our manager to go to Uruguay or Peru after being in charge of River Plate in Argentina


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