Southampton: 2026 – Retirement | The Academies | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to the final instalment with Southampton in The Academies. Back in Part 1 we saw that four of our seven players had already retired by 2026. Let’s get straight into this and see how our remaining three players progressed in the game.

Part 1:

Southampton Academy | Retirement

Callum Slattery

Callum Slattery 16-36

Callum Slattery aged 17, 22 and 37

Club count (6): Southampton, Bradford, Charlton, Hibernian, Burnley, MK Dons

Callum Slattery became a regular for both Burnley and MK Dons in the latter stages of his career but never performed to the level expected of him. In 16 seasons of 17 league games or more his average rating never passed 6.90.

His last two seasons of football ended with 6.19 and 5.95 average ratings. But despite his poor performances he made just under 600 club appearances throughout his career for his 6 different clubs.

No Honours

Callum Slattery history

Callum Slattery history

Josh Sims

Josh Sims 16-31

Josh Sims aged 19, 24 and 34

Club count (5): Southampton, Millwall, Ipswich, Wigan, Brentford

Josh Sims is the only player in this series to have won a trophy in his career as he lifted the EFL Cup with Brentford.

It was with Brentford that he spent the majority of his time as he became a regular first team player for them in the Premier League. Josh played far more consistently over his career, averaging between 6.70 and 7.00 for all of the seasons in which he was a regular in the first team.


1x EFL Cup Brentford

Josh Sims history

Josh Sims history

Ben Rowthorn

Ben Rowthorn 16-35

Ben Rowthorn aged 17, 22 and 36

Club count (7): Southampton, Rotherham, Millwall, Aston Villa, Watford, Brighton, Swansea

Central midfielder Ben Rowthorn played for seven clubs across his career, ending his career with Swansea (the club where he spent most of his time).

He has arguably been the better of the three players, especially when you consider the average ratings. He, like Slattery, has not been able to win anything in his career and spent most of his time in the Championship. In his one full year in the PL he suffered relegation with Brighton.

No Honours

Ben Rowthorn history

Ben Rowthorn history

The Southampton Academy: All Time Career Appearances (Goals)

  1. Ben Rowthorn 599 (27)
  2. Callum Slattery 589 (31)
  3. Josh Sims 502 (61)

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Thank you for reading our mini-series with Southampton. This is the second mini-series in ‘The Academies’ following our look at the famous Ajax academy. To see that series, follow the link below:

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