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Boca Juniors are considered to be one of South American football’s greatest clubs. The Argentine club, based in Buenos Aires, are well-known for having won many top division titles as well as numerous international / continental titles.

In Football Manager, South American football is often overlooked for European football. But in Boca Juniors you have a club with an incredible history and a bright future. With talents such as Facundo Colidio in the youth set-up Boca could develop into a dominant force under the right leadership.

The following post is an overview of the club at the beginning of your FM17 save. Take them on, be someone new!

The Squad

Top Players

Fernando Gago
Fernando Gago

Ex-Real Madrid midfielder Fernando Gago returned to his boyhood club in 2013 and has become an important part of the first team squad. However you will have to cope without the midfielder for the first couple of months of the new year due to his current 3 month injury.

Santiago Vergini
Santiago Vergini

Santiago Vergini could lead your defensive line should you choose. The defender is very strong in the air and has decent technicals. Though due to his age he may start to decline over the coming years.

Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Perez

Sebastian Perez is a new signing at Boca Juniors and so you may find that he takes a little bit of time to get used to his surroundings. The Colombian could be your rock in defensive midfield, allowing your more creative players to play around him.

Hot Prospects

Rodrigo Bentancur
Rodrigo Bentancur

19 year old Rodrigo Bentancur is one of the biggest reasons to try playing with Boca. The Uruguayan is a well-known wonderkid on FM17 and you will have him at you disposal to use as you wish. Will you sell him for big money? Or develop him yourself?

Cristian Pavon
Cristian Pavon

Cristian Pavon is another young prospect that could be ready for first team football. The professional winger can play naturally on both wings which will come in handy with the hectic South American schedule.

Facundo Colidio
Facundo Colidio

Facundo Colidio has potential to become one of the best strikers in world football on FM. Tutor him, improve his personality and his determination, and then play him. You could have a world-beater on your hands.

The Club


Boca Juniors Facilities
  • Impressive Training Facilities
  • Good Youth Facilities
  • Good Junior Coaching
  • Extensive Youth Recruitment


Boca Juniors Finances

Boca Juniors finances could be considered a worry. But with projections predicting increase in profits over time, perhaps this can be something to keep an eye on rather than worry extensively about.

Having said that, you can’t expect a huge transfer or wage budget to help you over your first season in charge. Free transfers and loans will have to be the way forward.

The Rivals

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Your Goal

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Your challenge in this save is to overtake River Plate as the most successful club in Argentinian history. This will mean winning 5 Argentine Premier Divisions without reply.

Already the greater club in terms of continental silverware, Boca Juniors will want to overtake their fierce rivals with domestic trophies too. Are you the manager to do it?

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Thank you for reading our club guide to Boca Juniors. I hope it may have inspired you to begin a save with the Argentine club.

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