Patience, Perseverance, Success | Celta Vigo #10 | Football Manager Stories

In the last instalment of VivaGlobetrotting, Alejandro Hurtado had attended a job interview from Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Despite not getting the job, Hurtado believed that it could be time to move on from Celta Vigo.

But, our Chilean manager has remained loyal to Celta Vigo and has finished the 2033/34 season with them. His loyalty has seemingly inspired his team to rid themselves of their inconsistency and perform to the level that was expected of the pre-season.

La Liga 2033/34

Form pre-tactical change

form pre tactic change

Celta Vigo form pre-tactical change

The form shown by Vigo in this 11 game period is by no means terrible. But there was enough in the performances to suggest that a change was needed.

Celta Vigo have adapted their formation and it seems to have worked wonders.

tactic formation

New Tactic

Form post-tactical change

form post tactic change

Form post-tactical change

Since changing the tactic, Alejandro Hurtado has overseen a thrilling end to the season. 6 wins in the final ten games, with just two losses, has seen Vigo enter the race for Europe. Did they make it?

La Liga Final Table

la liga final table

La Liga 2033/34

Yes! Incredible scenes in Galicia as the top team in the province progress through to the Europa League after several disappointing years away.

The performances of the side were excellent since changing the tactic. Even in the games we lost we played well enough to look like we were capable of winning.

Two Wonderkids

Henrique Canha

henrique canha

Henrique Canha

Henrique Canha, bought in by Hurtado in January 2032, is developing into a superstar. He hasn’t had the season to prove this, averaging lower than 6.90 per game, but there is no doubt that he could go a long way in the game.

Hugo Santiago

hugo santiago development 31-34

Hugo Santiago 3 season development

We have found a legend in Hugo Santiago. The Celta Vigo youth academy graduate has broken Patricio Liste’s goalscoring record, and he did it in style.

Santiago scored in eight consecutive matches to end the season, helping Vigo reach the Europa League. Along the way he also made his Spanish national team debut, scoring a goal too.

As you can expect, we have managed to tie him down on a long term contract with a £100M transfer fee release clause. I could actually imagine that being met one day.

Goalkeeping Issues

diego moroni

Diego Moroni

Diego Moroni looks like a top class keeper. But he just hasn’t performed at all, making many mistakes leading to goals.

His Aerial Reach, Jumping Reach and Rushing Out are all poor for a goalkeeper at this level and we will be looking to replace him over the summer.

Europa League Here We Come

As we enter our 19th season of VivaGlobetrotting, Alejandro Hurtado will make his European debut in the Europa League.

With Celta Vigo likely to be seeded poorly in the Group Stages it is possible that we will see a couple of big name teams appear at Balaidos over the coming season.

So, patience and perseverance from Alejandro Hurtado has finally lead to some success at Celta Vigo. But how far can he take this La Liga side?

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Thanks for reading the latest part of VivaGlobetrotting. It is possible that next season will be a one post season to allow us to speed things up a little bit. 

This means that the next post will be a big one! How will Celta Vigo have progressed in Europe?

Be sure to follow the blog to find out!


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