Time To Move On? | Celta Vigo #9 | Football Manager Stories

After just two full seasons with Celta Vigo, Alejandro Hurtado is beginning to think that the club are not improving under his leadership. Could it be time to move on from the Galician club?

tottenham offer job interview

Tottenham Hotspur offer Alejandro Hurtado job interview

Despite the less than impressive second season in charge of Celta Vigo, English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur approached Hurtado with a job interview offer.


tottenham league position

Tottenham PL position December 2033

Tottenham have had a difficult start to the 2033/34 PL season and sit in 16th place by December, despite having been European regulars in recent years.

Alejandro Hurtado attended the interview with the Tottenham board, but was overlooked for French manager Zinedine Zidane.

Could this be a sign of things to come for our Chilean boss?

Summer 2033 Transfers

summer transfers

Celta Vigo Transfers 2033

It was a busy summer for Alejandro Hurtado, bringing in six players after selling 7 first-team regulars from the past few years.


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Leaving the club after disappointing seasons were Colombian Cristian Rivas and left-back Mattia Mucchetti. Ex-Tolima star Rivas had an underwhelming season yet Southampton offered £10.75M. The deal was done.

Goalkeeper Nenad Matic was sold to Napoli after asking to leave.


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  • Diego Moroni: GK. Will be first choice goalkeeper this season
  • Pedro Pascual: DC/L. Great technicals to play either at centre-back or left-back
  • Slaven Lukic: DM/MC. Bought in on a free, the Serbian will play second-fiddle to the likes of Gabriel Goni. But an impressive player to have as backup
  • Angel Fabello: AMC/R. Bought in as the backup to Henrique Canha
  • Emilio Arismendi: AMR. Our first choice right midfielder for the season
  • Michael Reynders: ST. Bought in after an injury to our first choice striker….

Patricio Liste

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Our top-scorer and star signing from last season, Patricio Liste, damaged his achilles tendon in pre-season and was sidelined for 5-6 months.

This huge blow lead to Celta Vigo’s purchase of Belgian striker Michael Reynders.

La Liga 2033/34

9 Games In

form part one

First 9 La Liga matches

Our season started positively, remaining unbeaten for the first four matches before three losses in five games.

Michael Reynders has had a good start to his Vigo career, scoring four goals in his opening six matches.

Winter Break

form part two

Form before the winter break

A tough run of games against Sevilla, Barcelona and Valencia resulted in three losses, but 3 wins in four to reach the winter break added a positive spin on the season so far.

la liga table

11th in La Liga

11th position is nothing to shout about, but we are only three points away from 4th. The league is looking very tight this year and it could well prove that an exciting season is ahead of us.

Copa del Rey

coruna 2nd leg

Copa del Rey 4th Round vs Deportivo La Coruna

The Galician giants faced-off against each other in the Copa del Rey 4th Round, with Vigo coming out on top 5-2 over two legs.

Time To Move On?

Is it time to move on to another club for Alejandro Hurtado? His goal, to win the Champions League with Sevilla, is looking increasingly further away.

A great improvement is needed in his sides consistency to be able to push for the European places in La Liga. And being in Europe is essential for Hurtado to improve as a manager.

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2 thoughts on “Time To Move On? | Celta Vigo #9 | Football Manager Stories

  1. Where are you predicted to finish – is it that you are performing as anticipated or is it a case of underperforming? My feeling is you just need to find a tactic and style of play that suits the players you have or get the right players in to suit your preferred options. The latter can take 3/4 seasons to achieve though depending on finances and scouting. I would say stick at Celta until a better option presents itself – wouldn’t resign.


    • I think we were predicted to finish around 8th, so we are actually performing more or less as expected. But personally I feel the team should have played better in their matches this year, too many poor performances and scraping wins against lower oppositions. But I will stay at Vigo as I’m loving the players we have here


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