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Hello and welcome to Part 43 of VivaGlobetrotting. We join Alejandro Hurtado and his Celta Vigo side at the end of the 2032/33 La Liga season, Hurtado’s second full season in charge of the Galician club.

In the last part we saw how frustrated Hurtado was becoming with his inconsistent side; has he managed to turn things around?

La Liga 2032/33

table end

La Liga table 2031/32

Vigo finished in 10th place after a disappointing end to the season. Having begun March with just two league wins all year, Alejandro Hurtado must have feared a season of mid-table obscurity.

results to end season

Results since last update

But Vigo bounced back and recovered their form, winning five straight matches between March and April to see themselves rise up the table.

It came down to the last game of the season in which Vigo were beating Sevilla 2-1. This result would have seen a repeat of the positional finish from the previous year of 8th.

But a last-minute equaliser from Sevilla dropped Vigo down to 10th in La Liga.


January 2032

wolf v barreiros

Phillip Wolf v Daniel Barreiros comparison

Back in January, the decision was made to invest in a new right back. Despite initially signing Daniel Barreiros with plans for him to be the consistent first-team right back, he simply hasn’t been good enough.

Hurtado sought out Belgian Philipp Wolf. As you can see from the above comparison the two players are rather similar. But a fresh man was needed, and Barreiros was sent out on loan to finish the season.

Plans for Squad Moving Forward

Patricio Liste

patricio liste

Patricio Liste

Patricio Liste, remember the name. The Argentine forward scored a club-record 25 league goals in the season to lead our line of attack.

Alejandro Hurtado’s pre-season goal of finding a quality striker appears to have been accomplished!

Henrique Canha

henrique canha

Henrique Canha

January 2032 signing Henrique Canha spent the end of the season on loan at Napoli. He has a big future ahead of him and will feature heavily in the Vigo first-team squad next year.

Gabriel Goni

gabriel goni

Gabriel Goni

Gabriel Goni is our Spanish box-to-box midfielder who came through the youth academy before Hurtado’s tenure. He, like Canha, will play a huge role next season.

Hugo Santiago

hugo santiago

Hugo Santiago

Hugo Santiago is a young striker that has great potential. He was moved up to Vigo B from the Under 19’s the previous year and proved his talent by leading the scoring charts for our third-tier reserve side.

Francisco Javier Perez

francisco javier perez

Francisco Javier Perez

Francisco Javier Peres is the last player we will look at. The centre-back could well have his opportunities next season to stake a claim for first-team football. It is important that we, as a club, give chances to our young Spanish talent.

It seems, despite the 10th place finish, that Alejandro Hurtado can look forward with optimism. There are a great number of talented youth players that could really take this team forward. Let’s hope Hurtado is the man to do that.

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Thanks for reading Part 43 of VivaGlobetrotting. After a disappointing season, Hurtado will be looking to improve a lot next year.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to let me know through the social media links above. Or leave a comment in our comments section, I’d like to know what you think about our two seasons in Spain.


2 thoughts on “Optimism? | Celta Vigo #8 | Football Manager Stories

  1. What formation style did you end up sticking with most? Going to a different country I tend to look at teams that finish above me and try develop something based on that. I’d be looking at Villareal and Espanyol to see what they are doing and take it from there. Fair enough can’t see the team instructions but if I were you I would be going contain/defensive punting the ball into the box away from home against the majority of teams and try nick results that way?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have kind of mixed the formation and tactic about a bit, haven’t been able to settle on a tactic that works. That’s an interesting way of thinking, I’ve never thought to look at the other teams before!

      I know I have played a defensive formation with a team before in VivaGlobetrotting (maybe Tolima?) but I don’t really like it. Recently I have been starting on standard and then adjusting from there


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