The Frustration of Underperforming | Celta Vigo #7 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado sadly has a history of underperforming at clubs and unfortunately Celta Vigo is no exception.

Despite a good, steady first year, Hurtado has been unable to build on the progress made last year. Having said this, Vigo have by no means performed badly and sit 9th in the league as the winter break arrives.

table so far

La Liga – December 2032

Just six points off the playoffs indicate that a good run and Vigo could push for a European spot.

results so far

Celta Vigo 32/33 so far

A couple of wins in the last three games hides what a poor season it has been so far. 1 win from the opening 8 matches lead to questions being raised around Hurtado’s job, but Vigo recovered with five wins from 9.

Why is this a season of frustration for Hurtado though? 9th after 17 games is by no means poor. But with the squad available to him, and with the additions over the summer, this Celta Vigo side really should be up and around the European places, or at least performing somewhat more consistently.

A History of Underperforming

Deportes Puerto Montt

dpm sacked

Sacked by Deportes Puerto Montt

Sacked in his first managerial role, Alejandro Hurtado could argue that his performance in charge of the worst team in the second Chilean tier was expected. But just 1 win from 19 games tells another story.

Union San Felipe

usf past positions 2021

Union San Felipe past positions 2021

After two excellent seasons in the Chilean Primera Division with Union San Felipe, Hurtado and co started the season brightly. They sat 2nd in the table after 11 matches.

But then came a spell of nine losses in a row that saw them drop down to 12th. This spell brought an end to a great couple of years for Hurtado.

Nevertheless, this little disappointment did precede the greatest achievement in Alejandro Hurtado’s career to date, becoming champions of the Chilean Primera.

Deportes Tolima

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At Deportes Tolima, the board had to arrange a meeting with Hurtado in response to a very poor start at the Colombian club.

Again, like Union San Felipe, Hurtado bounced back and lead his side to three domestic finals the following season.

Club Atletico River Plate

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As you can see, having joined River with them winning the two previous titles it was expected that Hurtado achieved the same.

This is perhaps the biggest disappointment of Hurtado’s career to date. He had the chance to win the Argentine title with arguably the biggest club in South America. But he failed.

Although when you look at the points achieved in previous seasons by River, we weren’t too far off previous and subsequent title winning seasons.

Chicago Fire

Without doubt the only club that Alejandro Hurtado has not underperformed at is Chicago Fire. He joined them with just 8 real/regen players and transformed the club that went on the finish 2nd in the 2031 MLS Supporters Shield, albeit under a different manager.

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Alejandro Hurtado has a tough job on his hands to turn around fortunes in Galicia and turn Celta Vigo into a European side.

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