1 Win From 13 | Celta Vigo #5 | Football Manager Stories

The 2031/2032 season has ended in Spain and Alejandro Hurtado has completed his first full season in charge of Celta Vigo. Has all gone to plan for the Chilean manager?

Spanish La Liga 2031/32

1 win from 13

No, it hasn’t. A shocking run of form saw Vigo win just one match in 13 league games. The first five we saw in the previous post of VivaGlobetrotting.

Our inability to nick a winner against the smaller sides cost us dearly.

beat barcelona

We did, however, end the season on a high by winning our last two games. This included a famous victory against Barcelona on the final day. We scored an early goal through top scorer Hugo Galan and held out for the win, despite going down to ten men in the first half.

final table

We finished in eighth position in La Liga and just three points away from European football. This shows, quite clearly, how our run of form derailed our season. Just one extra win could have seen us earn Europa League football next season.

past positions

Youth Prospects

under 19s

Back in March we had our annual youth intake. Here is a brief look at our under 19’s and some of the prospects we have. Striker Hugo Santiago will be moving on up to the Vigo B side next year, as will several other high potential players.

Next Year


  • Push for a Europa League spot: 6th or above
  • Sign a top-class striker for a potential second formation: 4-3-2-1 (wide)
  • We came close to a Copa del Rey final this year. Too much to ask for one step further next year?

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Thanks for reading Part 40 of VivaGlobetrotting.

This series has been by far the most interesting and fun save I have ever had on Football Manager. If you are enjoying it too then that is a massive bonus!

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