City Homegrown #1 | PL Transfer Ban | Football Manager 2017

Welcome to a new series starting on VivaLaVidaFM. City Homegrown is a series that will be written by @thatboyvoid (@FMVoid on Twitter) and will be appearing regularly on the website in the future.

For this series FMVoid will be using a database where all non-homegrown players have been removed from PL club to become free agents. Homegrown players are those who have played for an English team for three years between the ages of 15-21.


Welcome to “City Homegrown”. It is very much a fantasy Football Manager save to see what would happen if Premier League clubs could only play Home-Grown talent. There has been a transfer ban given to all Premier League clubs.

This ban will last for one year, meaning we really get to see who has the best homegrown talent in the Premier League. I will be managing Manchester City during this save who are predicted to finish 10th, having previously been predicted 1st, without their foreign players. If you are interested here is the predicted table.

Predicted finish

Based on this table alone I think my goal for the first season will be to fight for Europa League football. If we can pick up any trophies like the FA Cup or EFL Cup along the way that would be amazing!

The first thing I did when I loaded into the save was to try and recall Joe Hart, however there isn’t a recall clause in his loan contract so he will not be playing for us this season. The players below are going to be our key men in finding success within our first season.

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  • Raheem Sterling
  • John Stones
  • Fabian Delph

There is also a lot of young English talent that has potential to become better than our current key players so we will have to see how they develop over the season.


I already have a tactic setup for this season. It is a possession based tactic that has created many chances for my side in the past and I hope this season is no different.

We setup in a 4-1-4-1 with two extremely fast and young attacking wing-backs. We will be relying on a lone striker throughout the season who will have to take his chances when they come his way.

Below are images of the formation and the instructions used in my tactic. If you go on to try my tactic you need to tell me how you get on with it over on my twitter – @FMVoid

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That just about does it for the introduction into this save. I hope you enjoy reading about how I get on! If you have any predictions for how my first season might go you should tell me on twitter (@FMVoid) and I will feature the person who got it correct in my end of season write up!

This looks set to be a very intriguing series by FMVoid so please do give him a follow over on Twitter.

Thank you for reading the first ever guest post on VivaLaVidaFM. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I will. This will likely run as a weekly post so be sure to follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss out!


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