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Welcome to our second post with Alejandro Hurtado’s new club Celta Vigo. In this post we will take a deeper look at the players in a revamped Vigo squad.

Hurtado has brought together a talented bunch of players over the 2031 summer transfer window and can be very pleased with his business.

Let’s get straight into our Vigo 2031/32 squad review.

Celta Vigo Squad Review



The main man that jumps out from the transfers is Colombian Cristian Rivas. Rivas was a key member of Hurtado’s Deportes Tolima squad back in 2024/25 and so the two South Americans will be keen to reunite here in Galicia, Spain.

The fact that we’ve managed to sign two from Juventus clearly shows the potential we have as a club to sign the best players. Moving forward this can only be a good thing.

The Tactic


To put our transfers into context here is the formation we will be playing this year. A strikerless 4-2-4-0.


Nenad Matic, bought in on a free from Juventus, will be our number one goalkeeper this year. The Serbian looks set to be a very good goalkeeper for years to come for this Vigo side.

Defenders – Full Backs

We have good depth in the full back position. To add to our natural full backs we also have Sebastian Gritti who can play in both full back positions.

Daniel Barreiros is the standout full back having also been bought from Juventus.

Defenders – Central

Two of our centre-backs have been brought in on loan. Mario Maggio and Luis Miguel Navarro should be our solid centre backs for the season depending on both form and injuries.

Midfielders – Wide Players

Felix Gomez has a lot of potential to be a very good inside forward out on the left. Hugo Galan will start out as our starting left winger but I imagine all four of our wide players will get plenty of first-team football this year.

Midfielders – Central

With four of our central midfielders starting every game (you will see why in our tactics section) we can expect to see all of our central players happy with game time.

Vincent Aparicio and Sebastian Gritti will fight over the DM role, Antonio, Goni and Mugelli will target the CM role whilst Rivas, Aprea and Sosa look to earn the CAM roles.


We are actually playing a strikerless formation this season and may look to move an ageing Leiria on. Pandolfo, however, is young and has great potential. We will be retraining him to play as a shadow striker but will use him as a striker when pushing for late goals.

2031/2032 Season

results so far

Vigo have begun their league campaign steadily, bouncing back after a home defeat on the opening day to win their next two matches.

table after 3

This leaves Vigo sitting in 4th place, albeit having played a game extra over the other teams in the league.

Moving Forward

Things could well be taking a positive turn for Alejandro Hurtado after two difficult spells with both River Plate and Chicago Fire. The signs are looking good.

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Thanks for reading our latest instalment of VivaGlobetrotting. Alejandro Hurtado has brought together some very good players, let’s hope his side can deliver and perhaps even push for Europe.


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