Extinguished? | Chicago Fire #8 | Football Manager Stories

In the previous VivaGlobetrotting post we saw how Alejandro Hurtado is a wanted man as he turned down three interview opportunities for manager roles in Spain.

But Hurtado remained loyal to Chicago Fire to begin the 2031 MLS season. Let’s take a look at what has happened so far this year.

MLS 2031



Leaving the club in a £2.5M deal was Billy Lever as he moved to Preston. The box-to-box midfielder occupied on of the 8 international spots and so to receive this much money for him to free up a spot was great business.

Brought in as his replacement is Brazilian Mineirinho who can play both as centre-mid and striker.


To play as our main goalscoring threat is Englishman Fraser Handisides. Last year we struggled to score enough goals so Handisides could well be a shrewd purchase from Hurtado.

fraser handisides

MLS Supporters Shield


6 games into the 2031 season and we have had a steady yet insignificant start to the year. 3 wins from 6 games is pleasing, and to see Handisides prove an instant threat even more so.

supporters shield after 6 games

After six games we are in 11th place in the Supporters Shield with ten points.

A Job Offer

Alejandro Hurtado has been approached by a club in the Spanish La Liga!

The Chilean manager has always wanted to manage his former club Sevilla, but he won’t be moving there yet. However it is important that Hurtado can make a name of himself in Spain to allow him an opportunity to manage the Sevilla side in the future.

After a successful interview process Hurtado has been offered the job of a well established La Liga side on a 2 year deal.

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You’ll need to read the next VivaGlobetrotting post to find out where we will be moving next!

In terms of our time at Chicago Fire, we never really found a home there despite leading a revival in Chicago’s fortunes. Alejandro has learnt English and will take this with him as another string to his bow.

Be sure to come back as we move further forward in our VivaGlobetrotting adventure!


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