Remarkable Improvement | Chicago Fire #7 | Football Manager Stories

In the previous VivaGlobetrotting post we showed how our new funky defensive formation was helping us to be more solid at the back, improving our fortunes in attack.

current tactic

Alejandro Hurtado decided to stick with this tactic for the remainder of the 2030 MLS season and it proved a success!

MLS 2030

supporters shield final table

MLS Supporters Shield 2030

eastern conference final table

MLS Eastern Conference 2030

Chicago Fire narrowly missed out on a playoff spot, finishing 1 point behind New York City in the Eastern Conference.

A 14th place finish in the Supporters Shield highlights the progress we have made as a club over the season. We won 11 more points this season than we did last season. If this trend continues we are going to have a successful few years ahead of us.

usa cup

We lost in the USA Cup Quarter Final against Houston in a close encounter. Unfortunately they edged us out on the day.

player stats 2030

Billy Lever played the most games for us this year, closely followed by ball-winning midfielder Gaetano Joao. New signing Kieran Potter justified his purchase with a brilliant average-rating of 7.32.

Moving Forward

Alejandro Hurtado is a wanted man. Three clubs from the Spanish La Liga offered Hurtado an interview for a chance to become their new manager. But none of the teams interested Hurtado enough for him to make the journey to Spain.

But it is certainly encouraging to see that Alejandro Hurtado is well-known in the Spanish leagues. Perhaps a move to Spain is not too far away.

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Thanks for reading part 34 of VivaGlobetrotting. It has been a remarkable improvement for Chicago Fire and it will be interesting to see what the next move is for Alejandro Hurtado.

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