Mixed Fortunes | Chicago Fire #6 | Football Manager Stories

The slow progression made in Alejandro Hurtado’s first full season in charge meant that the Chilean was able to prepare for the 2030 MLS season without any pressure hanging over him.

Despite the poor positional finish last year, we did manage to win ten more points that we did in the 2028 MLS. This pleased the board and allowed Hurtado to prepare for the 2030 season without any clouded judgement calls.


We made several clever purchases over the winter including two Englishmen to help solidify our defensive issues.

josh walker

Josh Walker

Josh Walker came in to replace outgoing goalkeeper Mario Sergio. What a player this guy could be for us. He is 23 years old and has some very good key stats for his position.

kieran potter.jpg

Kieran Potter

To play out in front of Walker at centre-back is fellow countryman Kieran Potter. He, too, has some very good stats for his age and is likely to become the key man in our defence in the years to come.

MLS 2030

We have played 15 games so far in the 2030 edition of the MLS. So far we have had some very mixed fortunes.

winless in 7

In our first seven games we scored just two goals on our way to a miserly three points.

At this point Alejandro Hurtado was contemplating his future with Chicago Fire. Although his intention was to fight it out to turn things around, he certainly had visions of moving to Spain.

But a change in formations helped to change the fortunes of Hurtado and co.

current tactic

In a rather unorthodox move, Hurtado pitted this funky formation for nine matches after his winless start. The focus of the tactic is to remain solid at the back. We lack any firepower in attack so the thought is that if we don’t concede then we’ll pick up enough points to see us move forward.

1 loss in nine

The results tell it all.

3 goals conceded in nine matches (eight MLS games) show how our solid defence has helped us to improve our fortunes in attack.

supporters shield after 15

MLS Supporters Shield

We sit in 16th place in the Supporters Shield after 15 matches. This is a vast improvement on last year, and with the form shown in the last nine matches we hope to at least make a push for the playoffs in our conference.

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The next post in VivaGlobetrotting will be at the end of the 2030 MLS season. Will Hurtado and his men be able to continue their form with their defensive formation and tactic?

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