Hurtado’s Toughest Challenge? | Chicago Fire #5 | Football Manager Stories

Having joined Chicago Fire with just eight real/regen players in the squad Alejandro Hurtado knew that it would be a tough task in turning around the fortunes of Chicago Fire.

Just how tough a challenge it would be was perhaps underestimated. But we have completed one season with the Men in Red and it has not been a disaster!

supporters shield final table

MLS Supporters Shield 2029

eastern conference final table

MLS Eastern Conference 2029

We managed to finish with a respectable points tally that would have seen us finish two places higher in the previous season. We also won 10 more points that we did last year which is a clear progression under Hurtado’s leadership.

What are Alejandro Hurtado’s Plans for his Future?

We have mentioned before that Hurtado wishes to win the European Champions League with his ex-club Sevilla.

This is his dream, but his work is nowhere near complete in America. Having lived in the USA for just over a year he has become fluent in English and has aspirations to win the MLS with Chicago Fire.

hurtado profile 2

The plan is to take Chicago Fire as far as possible and hopefully develop them into one of the MLS’ biggest clubs.

But should things not work out with Chicago Fire, it is likely that the next step for Hurtado would be a move to Spain. The Chilean has many connections from his time in Spain as a player and would be able to settle rather quickly in the European country.

spanish la liga

A move to Sevilla is looking increasingly unlikely in the near future. They are performing well in the league and look set to retain their current manager, Fernando Morientes, for the considerable future.

But should a job at a smaller La Liga side arise, and should Chicago Fire prove too difficult a task to manage, then it would be no surprise to see Alejandro Hurtado up sticks and move to Spain.

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Thanks for reading this shorter post in VivaGlobetrotting.

We are heading towards a visible conclusion of our FM17 story. Whether we move to Sevilla from Chicago depends on how well we do in the MLS, but our goal of the series is to win the Champions League with Sevilla and it will be a very satisfying moment when we do.


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