15 Games In | Chicago Fire #4 | Football Manager Stories

In the previous VivaGlobetrotting post we ran through the work that Alejandro Hurtado had undertaken over the 2028/29 winter transfer window.

He completely overhauled the squad, adding no less than 18 players to his squad. Since then, Hurtado has added two more players to the squad, Iago being re-signed after having been waived and 35-year old Maurides being added to the squad for extra depth.

In the following post we will run through how Chicago Fire have performed over the first fifteen matches of the 2029 MLS season. Let’s get straight into it.

MLS 2029

Having read up on the differences between the Supporters Shield and the Eastern/Western Conferences (a very helpful guide to the MLS can be found here) Alejandro Hurtado can now set about having a successful first full season in charge of Chicago Fire.

eastern conference

MLS Eastern Conference

supporters shield

MLS Supporters Shield

After 15 matches we sit quite far down the table. But this was expected, we completely changed the squad over the winter and bought so many new players in. In addition to this a lot of our squad are 16/17 year old youth members who are required to be used as back up players.

Despite this we can be semi-pleased with our progress and 13 points from 15 matches is not completely disastrous.

kasey palmer

Kasey Palmer

At the end of the previous season we bought in Kasey Palmer with some of our allocation money. But he then left at the end of the season as he was unwilling to extend his contract!

We did, however, re-sign him and he has proved effective alongside Slovakian Patrik Kovac.

new tactic

We’ve had to update our tactic in an effort to turn around our fortunes, dropping one of our strikers back into the attacking midfield position.

form results

Eight matches without a win between April and June has contributed to the low league position we currently hold. We changed our tactic prior to the Columbus match and can hope that we are more threatening in attack moving forward.

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Thanks for reading the 4th part of our Chicago Fire segment in VivaGlobetrotting. It is proving to be a very difficult yet fun club to manage and we can hope that Alejandro Hurtado can turn their fortunes around.


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