FC Porto | Youth Development #11 | Football Manager 2017


If you follow my Twitter (@VivaLaVidaFM) then you may know that I haven’t really enjoyed making the latest Youth Development posts.

It took me a lot of effort to motivate myself to finish the end of season three review for Porto last Saturday and this perhaps showed in the quality of the post. But once I had finished the post my motivation came back to write a lot more for the website, having previously gone most of the week without writing.

I have a full-time job in teaching and this means that I have less time to be able to play FM and write about it.

My main save this year is VivaGlobetrotting and this will remain my main focus. Due to this I don’t have the time to play through two saves, let alone write about them both!

What next?

I don’t intend to completely end this save and would be fully open to bringing it back later in the year, but for now I must put in on the backburner as I focus on VivaGlobetrotting.

I must give thanks to you all for reading Youth Development since I began the series with Manchester United back in November.

Thanks for reading this short post explaining the future of the series and where I intend to shift my focus towards. I hope you will continue to follow my posts!


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