Grey Men | Chicago Fire #2 | Football Manager Stories

We have reached the end of the 2028 season in North America. But from 4 MLS games, did Alejandro Hurtado have enough time to assess his squad and turn their fortunes around?

In short, no. But we knew this would be the case. Chicago Fire are in need of a long-term project in order to turn the club around and Alejandro Hurtado could be the man for the job.

Let’s take a look at what Hurtado has done over his first 44 days in charge of the Men in Red.


When Hurtado joined the club 6 weeks ago they had just two staff members. And this included Hurtado himself.

The first objective for Hurtado was to surround himself with quality staff. This he did.


In his time at the club our Chilean manager has already transformed the staffing team to be the best in the MLS. This is a clear outline of Hurtado’s intentions with Chicago Fire.

Game Time

Orlando City

game 1

Avoiding heavy defeat was Hurtado’s objective for each of the remaining four matches of the MLS season. Any points gained would be an impressive result.

Indeed, in his first match in charge Chicago Fire proved defiant and resilient in defence as they shut out Orlando City for the ninety minutes, earning themselves a well-earned point.

D.C. United

game 2

The narrow 4-4-2 diamond proved defensively solid in the first match, and to an extent proved so again here. Despite losing the game 2-1, we never had our backs to the wall and instead looked fairly good at the back.

However it is in attack that we will struggle. As mentioned in the previous post, we only have 8 real players / regens at our club. The rest are made up of grey men.


As you can see, the majority of our grey men are in the attacking areas.

Billy Lever scored our goal against D.C. United, and there was no surprise that it was a long-range effort and one of our only shots on target.


game 3

Another good defensive performance saw us pick up our second point in three games. We can be very pleased with the effort shown during this match but will feel that it is a game that next year we must be winning.

Sporting Kansas City

game 4

At 2-0 down after 11 minutes I really did fear a humiliating end to the season. But again our team surprised me. We battled and pulled a goal back to lose 2-1.

Not a terrible first four games of Alejandro Hurtado’s tenure at Chicago Fire considering his squad!

league table

We finished 20th in the MLS Supporters Shield after dropping behind San Jose in the final few games.

Moving Forward

Alejandro Hurtado has perhaps the BIGGEST winter ahead of him throughout VivaGlobetrotting so far. He needs to rebuild this Chicago squad completely whilst retaining the real players that he has.

To add to this, having never managed in the MLS before he’ll need to brush up on his English and his knowledge of drafts, waivers and all of the rules of Major League Soccer.

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Thanks for reading our second part of the Chicago Fire adventure.

If all goes to plan, Chicago will be the last club Hurtado manages before moving abroad to chase his Sevilla Champions League dream. But only time will tell.



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