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At the end of the previous VivaGlobetrotting post we discussed how Alejandro Hurtado’s future at River Plate depended on the outcome of their Copa Libertadores campaign.

As you can see from the title of this post, we have moved on from River Plate. In this post we will review our departure from River Plate and then take a look at our new club Chicago Fire.

The End in Argentina

In the Copa Libertadores we drew Corinthians.

But we failed miserably, losing both legs. A capitulation in the first leg, losing 5-1, meant any thoughts of a comeback evaporated.

We did, however, win our third cup with River Plate. We beat Independiente 2-0 in the Supercopa Argentina.

supercopa argentina

Despite this victory, we fell away in the league. Here are Alejandro Hurtado’s final results for River Plate before leaving:

last games with river plate

Winless in the Primera saw us sit in 18th place. A dismal end to a disappointing spell with River.

The Job Hunt

Having decided to leave River after the Copa Libertadores exit, Hurtado began his search for a new role.

Several job roles came up, including Hurtado’s ex-club Deportes Puerto Montt! But our Chilean manager had desires to manage in the USA and as such waited for an opportunity to move to North America.

hurtado takes chicago hotseat

Chicago Fire approached Hurtado to be their manager. The MLS side have had a poor season in the league and would have four matches remaining for Hurtado to appraise the squad.

Chicago Fire

To end this part of our VivaGlobetrotting adventure we shall take a look around our new club. I can envisage this stage of our career being a long-term project with Chicago with the aim being to turn them into one of the better known MLS sides on par with LA Galaxy.

supporters shield at beginning of tenure

As you can see, we haven’t had the best of seasons so far. And with just four matches left we are not going to get higher than 17th but could drop to 21st (if we drop to 22nd I’ll resign).


Hmmm. Where are all of our players?

We only have 8 actual players in our squad. No wonder we are so far down in the league! This is going to be a huge rebuilding project.


Just the two staff members too!


But as a club we are worth a massive £133M! Compare this to River Plate (one of South America’s most successful teams) who are worth £46.5M. This could well be a big step up for Alejandro Hurtado but he clearly has a lot of work to do.

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Thanks for joining us on our new adventure in the United States of America. The next post in the series will take a look at the final four league matches and how we have adapted to life in the MLS.


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