10 Years On | Renato Sanches | #FM17 Wonderkids

Welcome to 10 Years On, the series where we take a look at some of Football Manager 2017’s best wonderkids and how they have developed ten years in the future. In this post we take a look at Renato Sanches.

Name: Renato Sanches

Birthday: 18 August 1997

Current Club: Bayern Munich

Nation: Portugal


Renato Sanches 2016

Football Manager Wonderkids: Ten Years On

Bayern Munichbayern munich.png


  • Appearances: 170
  • Goals: 34

Renato was an important squad member in the Bayern side as he helped them win 4 consecutive Bundesliga titles and two Europa League’s prior to his departure.

Manchester Cityman-city

Man City paid out £76M for Renato Sanches in 2021.


  • Appearances: 249
  • Goals: 44



Caps: 99

Goals: 19

Having already played a part in Portugal winning the Euros in 2016, Sanches has gone on to make 99 appearances for his country by 2026.

And with Portugal, he won the 2024 World Cup!


1x World Cup

4x German Bundesligabayern munich.png

3x German Cup

2x Europa League

1x Club World Championshipsman-city

1x English Premier League

1x English FA Cup

1x European Super Cup


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