Another Bottle | River Plate: Argentina #7 | Football Manager Stories

Back in May 2027, we had just bottled the Argentine Primera Division. In our final eight matches, we went on a three match winless streak that curtailed our chances of winning the league.

Unfortunately, this year is no different. We dominated the first half of the season and at one point lead the division by 5 clear points. But, as mentioned in our previous post, we went on a five match winless streak (including four losses in a row).

This meant that we were forever chasing both Independiente and Racing Club. And the gap was too great to surpass.

finish of league form

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t a case of the opposition being too good. We squandered our chance by losing to Racing Club, and a home defeat to San Lorenzo followed, ending our title hopes.

end of season table

Copa Libertadores

copa lib group matches

The most frustrating element of our league form is how good we have been in the Copa Libertadores. Excluding the away leg in Brazil, we won every game and scored 22 goals in the process.

group g table

We have been drawn against Corinthians in the knockout stages of the competition to be played early next season.

Where Next?

Alejandro Hurtado, our Chilean manager, has seriously underachieved at River Plate. When we arrived at the club, it was expected that we retain the Argentine Primera Division for the third time in a row.

But we failed, finishing third in our first season. From here, anything but 1st place would be another failure.

River Plate are the biggest club in Argentine football and one of the biggest in South America. And in two full seasons we’ve finished third in the league twice. The only saving grace is our Copa Argentina victory in late 2027.

hurtado history

Alejandro Hurtado History

With a win percentage of 61% at River Plate, Hurtado has by no means been a complete failure. Indeed, the board consider his position to be secure.

But in Alejandro Hurtado’s eyes he has failed. The expectation was to win the league at the first time of asking and failing to do this hurt that Chilean. Another season without league success added further pain.

The current position of our manager Hurtado is unknown. It is believed that he will remain as River Plate manager for the Copa Libertadores knockout rounds next season and see how the league season goes. Hurtado could well be on his way should results not go towards River Plate.

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Thanks for reading this shorter update of VivaGlobetrotting.

The aim of this series was to win every top tier competition in South America. But this has now changed. It wouldn’t make sense to go to the likes of Peru when we’ve managed this high up.

I like to play Football Manager in a realistic way, and therefore it wouldn’t make sense for our manager Alejandro Hurtado to drop down the levels just to win the Peruvian top tier.

As such, I think a realistic aim for this save would be to win the European Champions League with Hurtado’s ex-club Sevilla. Alejandro was bought by Sevilla from Deportes Puerto Montt to ignite his career before injury cut short his playing career.

It would be nice to go back to the club that gave him so much. But a trip to the United States is on the agenda for our Chilean hero and it is looking ever more likely that this will be his next step in management.


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  1. Ha, River is not the biggest club in argentine football. Biggest in South America? They trail behind several teams in continental trophy wins.


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