FC Porto | Youth Development #9 | March 2019 | Football Manager 2017

Regen day has arrived. One of the most important days of the year in a homegrown challenge. The future of our series relies on a decent and consistent income of decent youth players.

In the class of 2017 we had Hugo Assuncao and Gil Ferraz. In 2018 we had just Paulo Raposo to focus on. These players were all considered 4 star potential or above and unfortunately there were no other regens worth looking at.

For a look at how Assuncao and Raposo have developed, see our previous post here. Below is an update on Gil Ferraz, our youngster from the 2017 regens.

Gil Ferraz 17-19

Class of 2019 – FC Porto Regens


This looks to be a far more promising youth intake. Several youngsters have potential to be between 2.5 / 4.5 stars. Usually we have seen one or two 4.5 star players with the rest being 1 / 2 star players.

Let’s take a look at the top four players on the list.

Alibacar Encada

alibacar encada

Armando Madeira

armando madeira

Francisco Correia

francisco correia

Orlando Coteiro

orlando coteiro

Of these four players I’m fairly pleased with Francisco Correia. His fairly professional personality should help him to develop quicker than his peers.

It is clear that whilst there are no standout players, it is important to produce average players too in order to be able to build a squad in the future. Francisco Correia may well end up being Paulo Raposo’s backup in the future.

Under 19’s

under 19s league

Our under 19’s are, once again, leading the way in their league. Despite losing Afonso Sousa, Miguel Magalhaes and Leandro Campos to the first team, the under 19’s are still going strong with the youth intakes from recent years.

Vasco Paciencia has taken on the role of star man in the side, scoring 20 goals in 17 games with an average rating of 8.12.


b team league

Two points off the top. Our B-team are again showcasing their strength in the second tier of Portuguese football. The fact that our reserves have finished near the top of the league for the previous three seasons is hugely encouraging. It shows we have great depth for the first team to call upon should they need to.

First XI

first team league

I’m very pleased with the progress of our first team this year. We are just two points off the top of the league having trailed by more than ten points in previous years.

In the Europa League we’ve reached the Second Knockout round. We played Celta Vigo in the round before and lost the first leg 5-2. We then produced an amazing comeback to win our home leg 4-0 and progress through in the tournament.

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Thanks for reading this instalment of Youth Development. We are making great progress with our youth and will be looking to make better progress with first team competitions.

The next post will be an end of season review, let’s hope we’ve won a competition or two!


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