3 Things To Always Do When Signing A Player | Football Manager

Over the years signing a player on Football Manager has become a more realistic yet arduous process. Gone are the days when you would just offer a lump sum, usually close to the players transfer fee. You are now expected to be smarter in your transfer dealings.

There are so many clauses, bonuses and extra options you can choose when both making an offer for a player and offering them a contract. In the following post I will be highlighting 3 important parts of the transfer process that I ALWAYS look to use when signing players.

1) Unsettling a Player


One of the first things I do once I’ve identified a player to sign is declare my interest in them.

In doing this, I hope to unsettle the player and make him want to leave his current club. Usually if the club wants to keep a player they will ask for a much higher transfer fee. But if the player submits a transfer request you may be able to buy the player cheaper.


You will often receive news items stating whether the player wants to leave their current club and if any other clubs are interested in signing the player.

2) Next Sale Percentages

When buying a younger player, teams will often lock (or now semi-lock) in the ‘Percentage of Next Sale’ clause.

This means that if you sell the player 40% of his next transfer fee will be owed to their previous club. If I sell on Afonso Sousa for £10 then £4M will be owed to Porto.


This can be so infuriating further down the line. But there is a way in which you can stop this from occurring!


When submitting your transfer offer, add both percentage of next transfer clauses. Then proceed to remove and exclude them from negotiation.

In doing this, Porto will not be able to add these clauses when responding to your offer.

3) Optional Contract Extension Clause

This clause can be seen in the contract offer screen.


It is a very useful clause for younger players to have in their contract. Let’s say Afonso Sousa goes on to become a world-class talent but is refusing to sign a new contract.

It would be awful to see him leave the club on a free. By adding an optional contract extension clause in his contract you will be able to extend his contract by up to 3 years!

This can help to either keep the player at the club long term or at least ensure that you can sell him as opposed to seeing him leave for free.

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I hope you have found this short little article helpful. These 3 tips have helped me over the course of my saves and I hope that they will help you too.

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