10 Years On | Thiago Maia | #FM17 Wonderkids

Welcome to 10 Years On, the series where we take a look at some of Football Manager 2017’s best wonderkids and how they have developed ten years in the future. In this post we take a look at Thiago Maia.

Name: Thiago Maia

Birthday: 22 March 1997

Current Club: Santos

Nation: Brazil


Thiago Maia 2016

Football Manager Wonderkids: Ten Years On



  • Appearances: 80
  • Goals: 4


Thiago Maia joined Spanish giants Barcelona in 2017 for £17.25M.


  • Appearances: 233
  • Goals: 14



Caps: 35

Goals: 5

Thiago Maia made his debut against Venezuela in 2017 but has not been able to help Brazil onto any international success.


1x Brazilian Serie A

1x Campeonato Paulista

4x Spanish La Ligabarcelona

3x Copa del Rey


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