Two Points Off Top | River Plate: Argentina #3 | Football Manager Stories

We left River Plate in the last post in 3rd position after a good run of form. Despite sitting in 16th place after nine matches, we won six of the next seven games.

Since then, we’ve played a further 14 matches meaning we just have eight games left in the season. Let’s see how it has gone for Alejandro Hurtado and his men.

November – February


Inconsistent. This would sum up how our team fared since winning 6 from 7 towards the end of the last post.

old-tacticSticking with the 5-1-2-2 from the previous post we won four matches from eight games. Not bad at all, but not the form we want moving forward.

To change our form, some minor adjustments were made to the formation. Most notably is moving our wing-backs forward to become wingers. In doing so we’ve made our team so much more potent in attack.


The formation sees us exploit the right flank and use our young star full back Andres Albarracin take up the role of defensive winger.

We are playing key man Romagnoli in his preferred advanced playmaker role behind the two strikers. This change of tactic has seen a remarkable turnaround in our attacking fortunes.


5 league wins from 6 and progression through to the next round of the Copa Argentina. We’ve scored 21 goals in 7 games, compared to 9 in the previous 8.


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Moving Forward

We are sitting in 3rd position in the league and just two points off the top. In what has been a fairly up and down season I think this is quite a good position to be in.


Jonathan Sandoval

We also had our youth intake, of which the best player was an attacking playmaker in Jonathan Sandoval. However I see him more as a left-sided winger and will be training him to play in the Albarracin position.

We have just eight games remaining in the league, and with the Copa Libertadores group stages to begin shortly it will be a hectic end to the season for Hurtado and River Plate.

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Thanks for reading Part 23 of VivaGlobetrotting. We’ve managed in Chile, Colombia and now Argentina and I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure. I hope you are enjoying following along too.

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