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As revealed on the official VivaLaVidaFM Twitter account, Alejandro Hurtado has been appointed as Club Atletico River Plate manager.

The news came after a mildly successful World Cup campaign by Hurtado with Colombia and was made possible following his resignation from Deportes Tolima pre-World Cup.

It is without doubt the biggest move in VivaGlobetrotting so far. But it almost didn’t happen.

After stepping down from his duties with Colombia, Alejandro Hurtado set about looking for another job in management. Quickly came an opportunity with Liverpool de Montevideo in Uruguay.


The Uruguayan side approached Hurtado to become their manager. It was a job that tempted Hurtado, however having just applied for the River Plate job he chose to delay the job offer for a week.


In that week no fewer than three South American nations approached Hurtado to become their head coach. Mexico came in with a staggering offer of £17,500 per week.

Managing Colombia appealed to Hurtado due to the relatively closeness of the World Cup, however with the next being in 2030 national management just isn’t on the agenda.

River Plate Appoint Alejandro Hurtado as Manager



Things could have turned out very differently in the past week. We could be seeing Alejandro Hurtado split his time between Liverpool de Montevideo and Mexico/Argentina/Ecuador…

I’m sure I’m not the only one in being happy at Hurtado’s movement!

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Club Atletico River Plate

Argentinian champions River Plate have won the past two Premier Divisions and are firmly the most successful club in Argentina.



In their 125 year history they have won the top tier of Argentina 39 times and they have also won the Copa Libertadores thrice.

Alejandro Hurtado will have his largest transfer budget to date and with River Plate being financially secure he can expect that to continue. Will Hurtado be able to control how he spends his budget?

Key Players

Throughout VivaGlobetrotting we have seen the key players traditionally be the centre forwards. Whether this be Juan and Ignacio Jeraldino at Union San Felipe, or Emmanuel Zurbriggen at Deportes Tolima.

This looks set to continue as here at River Plate we seem to have a gem of a striker.

  • Alfredo Sciutti


He is physically very good and has great mentals. I’m certain that he will be a mainstay in the side in years to come.

  • Andres Albarracin


Andres Albarracin is a young wing back. He looks like a quality player, the Argentinian Luke Shaw perhaps? He certainly has the physicals to bomb up and down the wing and we will be looking to get the best out of him offensively as well as defensively.

  • Mario Alonso

I wonder if anyone recognises this name. I’m not even sure if he has been mentioned at all in this series. But Mario Alonso was with us back in the Union San Felipe days. He spent three seasons at the club before being sold to Patronato for £1M.


Here is how he has progressed since leaving Union San Felipe.

Moving Forward


Prior to the beginning of the 26/27 season, River Plate have three important games to play. Two will be against Cruzeiro in the Copa Libertadores Second Round and the other being the Supercopa Argentina Final.

This is a new chapter in Alejandro Hurtado’s story across South America. It could well be the making of the man.

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Thanks for reading another FM17 story with our Chilean hero Alejandro Hurtado. I am enjoying writing these Football Manager stories and I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.

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