FC Porto | Youth Development #6 | March 2018 | Football Manager 2017

The second regen day in this series sees us bring in several youngsters through the academy. Last year both Hugo Assuncao and Gil Ferraz were touted as potential first-team players for the future.

Here we will take a look at their progress as well as any new stars to have come up through the academy.

Later on in the post we will also take a look at how each of our three squads are progressing in their seasons. Let’s get started.

Hugo Assuncao


In our last Regen post, we highlighted that Assuncao would need to be tutored in order to increase his determination. That we have done with Suk Hyun-Jun taking Hugo under his wing and mentoring him off the pitch.

Gil Ferraz


Gil Ferraz is improving steadily and with the recent acquisition of Lucas Alario as his tutor I expect him to improve significantly over the next few months, specifically his mentals.

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Regens 2018


Paulo Raposo stands out as the best of a poor bunch. Four of these regens will be released immediately due to our homegrown rules in this series.

  • Paulo Raposo


20 determination is superb, it is one of the first stats I look for when browsing the regens. He also has great first touch, passing, technique and vision for his age.

I’m certain that he will develop into a cracking player.

Under 19’s


Our under 19’s are storming their league, having won 15 of 17 matches with an amazing goal difference of 59! Leandro Campos leads the way with 23 goals, but even more astounding is Miguel Magalhaes with 28 assists!



Selling the majority of our foreign reserve team players appears to have taken its toll, with our reserves sitting in 6th place in the Second League. Rui Pedro leads our scoring charts with 10 goals and Ivo Rodriguez has 7 assists.

First Team


Our first team sit in 5th position after a difficult run of form. We do, however, remain in both the Europa League (to play Inter Milan in 2nd Knockout Round) and the Taca de Portugal (Semi-Final).

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Thanks for reading Part Six of our FC Porto Youth Development Challenge. The next post will be our end of season mega update, with more development GIFs and an overview of how all of our squads did in their leagues.


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