Two Points Off Top | River Plate: Argentina #3 | Football Manager Stories

We left River Plate in the last post in 3rd position after a good run of form. Despite sitting in 16th place after nine matches, we won six of the next seven games. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #7 | June 2018 | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to the end of season 2 with FC Porto. We’ve completed two seasons with the Portuguese club and are well on our way to creating a homegrown club. Continue reading

Tricky Start | River Plate: Argentina #2 | Football Manager Stories

In the previous part of VivaGlobetrotting we ran through what happened since leaving Colombia after the 2026 World Cup. Catch up on that post here. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Manage a Nation | Football Manager

Having looked briefly across the internet I couldn’t find many articles supporting national management in Football Manager. Most articles or threads describe it as tedious, boring, monotonous etc. Continue reading

Huge Progression | River Plate: Argentina #1 | Football Manager Stories

As revealed on the official VivaLaVidaFM Twitter account, Alejandro Hurtado has been appointed as Club Atletico River Plate manager. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #6 | March 2018 | Football Manager 2017

The second regen day in this series sees us bring in several youngsters through the academy. Last year both Hugo Assuncao and Gil Ferraz were touted as potential first-team players for the future. Continue reading

2026 World Cup | Colombia | Football Manager Stories

After resigning from Deportes Tolima, Alejandro Hurtado was able to focus entirely on Colombia’s 2026 World Cup campaign. Continue reading