Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique | Shadow Strikers | Football Manager 2017

Search ‘Sergio Ramos v Gerard Pique’ into YouTube and you will find many compilation videos debating who is the better footballer. And I say ‘footballer’ as there are many videos showing how good both players are in attack, despite being defenders. 

Quite often these players are the go-to men when losing in the final stages of the game. For Real Madrid Ramos will often head forward in the closing minutes to try and score a winner. For Barcelona Pique will do the same.

Using the Football Manager editor I’ve decided to put to the test which player is the better attacker. I’ve made them both into attacking midfielders. Their stats are very well-suited to the role of shadow striker so it will be interesting to see who performs the best.

Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique as Shadow Strikers | The Beginning


Gerard Pique in 2016


Sergio Ramos in 2016

It is so clear just by looking at these players that they will adapt very well to their new positions. Both players have passing and technique above 15.

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Gerard Pique in 2018

Gerard Pique left Barcelona in January 2017 as a result of making no appearances for the first-team. This is understandable due to the formation that Barcelona would likely be using. With Messi, Neymar and Suarez up top there is little room for another attacking player.

Pique was bought by Tottenham for £9M in 2017 and saw his side lose out in the Champions League Final to his old team Barcelona!

In 2018 he also lost the Final of the EURO Cup, but did manage to win his first competition with Tottenham, the EFL Cup.


Sergio Ramos 2018

Sergio Ramos remained at Real Madrid, despite making just 9 appearances in his first season as a shadow striker. He did, however, play more in the 2017/2018 season, helping Real Madrid to a La Liga title and Spanish Super Cup victory in 2018.

Madrid were runners-up in both the EURO Cup and La Liga in 2017.



Gerard Pique in 2020


Pique, Tottenham’s new captain, became a regular in Spurs’ side, making just under 100 league appearances in 3 years.

Since 2018, Pique went on to lose two more finals, both in 2019. His team lost again in the Champions League final, this time to Chelsea, and they also lost the FA Cup final.


Sergio Ramos in 2020


Sergio Ramos, like Pique, became an important part of his team by making 86 league appearances over the past three seasons.

Ramos and Real Madrid had two very poor seasons, finishing 2nd and 4th in La Liga and going trophyless over the two years.


We have now entered the twilight of both players careers. Pique and Ramos have both moved clubs for the final time.


Gerard Pique in 2023


Gerard Pique ended his career with Danish Superliga side Brondby IF. He left Tottenham having made 193 appearances in all competitions, scoring 33 goals.

He went on to help Brondby finish second in the Superliga twice and runner-up in the Danish Cup twice.

Clearly Pique’s career as a shadow striker has been a case of ‘close but no cigar’ as he’s finished second in eight leagues/cups, winning just one (the EFL Cup).


Sergio Ramos in 2023


Sergio Ramos finished his career in France with Ligue 1 side Stade Rennais. He became an important part of their first team but did not manage to push them forward to win any competitions.

Before joining the French side he ended his Real Madrid career with a La Liga and Copa del Rey double.


Gerard Pique


Gerard Pique Biography

Pique as a Shadow Striker

  • Appearances: 218
  • Goals: 36
  • Assists: 32
  • Average Rating: 7.65

Gerard Pique, I think it’s fair to say, has performed incredibly well in his new role. The Spaniard made over 200 appearances in the final stages of his career, averaging a rating of 7.68 in these games.


  • English League Cup: 2018

Despite winning just the one competition, Pique fell short of the top prize eight times.

  • Champions League Finalist: 2017, 2019
  • Europa League Finalist: 2018
  • English FA Cup Finalist: 2018
  • Danish Superliga Second Place: 2022, 2023
  • Danish Cup Finalist: 2022, 2023


Sergio Ramos


Sergio Ramos Biography

Ramos as a Shadow Striker

  • Appearances: 184
  • Goals: 49
  • Assists: 13
  • Average Rating: 7.24

I’d have to say that, after comparing the two players, Ramos’ stats are more alike to those who play as a shadow striker. He has scored more goals than Pique but made fewer assists.

His average rating is also lower from less matches played.


  • La Liga: 2018, 2021
  • Spanish Copa del Rey: 2021
  • Spanish Super Cup: 2018, 2021


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Who do you think was the better playing in this Football Manager experiment? Ramos or Pique? Let me know your thoughts by tweeting me at the link above or simply commenting on this post!

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you enjoyed.


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