FC Porto | Youth Development #1 | July 2016 | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to another Youth Development series here on VivaLaVidaFM. My first Youth Dev series was with Manchester United. If you missed that series you can go back to it here: Manchester United Youth DevelopmentThis time we will be managing FC Porto.

The Portuguese club are famed for having an excellent youth academy yet are more renown for important foreign talents and selling them on.

I could list a large number of players who joined Porto and moved on for a much greater fee. Since 2004 Porto have made well over £500M by selling their best players. Deco, Falcao, Pepe, James Rodriguez and Mangana have all been sold on by Porto for high fees.

The Aim of the Series: A Homegrown Porto XI

Despite a large amount of money being brought in from player sales, Porto have failed to win the Primeira Liga for the past three seasons, finishing third twice.

The aim of this series will be to grow a homegrown FC Porto XI.

portoFor a player to be homegrown (for this series) they must:

  • Have come through the Porto academy direct, not from foreign academies
  • Have been born in Portugal and have no other nationalities (unless already declared for Portugal)

Our first team only have four players who qualify as homegrown: Ruben Neves (19), Andre Silva (20), Andre Andre (26) and Sergio Oliveira (24).

Of course to be able to successfully complete this challenge, I need to keep my job. I will be able to buy players, but I’ve decided that my signings will only be players that will make our first-team better now, as opposed to in a season or two.

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The Format of the Series

I plan to write three posts per year. This post is an introductory post for the series and therefore is at the beginning of a season. However I plan to have updates in January, March and June each year.

The January Update

This update will focus on our under 19’s and our B-team, looking at specific homegrown players who could soon make the step-up to the first-team. I will include a short overview of how the season is going so far for the Porto first-team, but this update will largely focus on our youngsters.

The March Update

Our March update will be about regen day. We will introduce the regens that have arrived at the club through the academy and take a look at how our three teams are progressing in their leagues. This will likely be the shortest of the three posts as we will be looking purely at our new regens with short updates on the leagues.

The June Update

In June I will post an end of season review that will focus on the first team. I will look at the youngsters I have bought into the first-team squad over the year and write a longer overview of the first-team’s season, including how many homegrown players we have etc.

I will include a brief overview of how the B-team and under 19’s finished too.


  • Empty the Under 19’s of non-homegrown players
  • Promote any homegrown talent from the U19’s and B-team to the first-team if they are ready

Our aim for our first season at Porto is to finish third or above in the league. We have a very limited transfer budget and therefore cannot really go out and buy a world-class player to win us the league.

Gradually over time I will expect to sell a lot of our foreign first-team players and replace them with youth. But I also need to keep my job so I won’t be doing that straight away.

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Thanks for reading this introductory Youth Development post. I hope you will join me on my journey as I aim to make Porto homegrown. It will be a very big challenge indeed!


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