3 Penalty Shootouts in 3 Finals | Tolima: Colombia #5 | Football Manager Stories

In the last part of VivaGlobetrotting, we saw our Chilean manager Alejandro Hurtado experience defeat in the Apertura Final, losing out to Atletico Nacional in a penalty shootout. Continue reading

Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique | Shadow Strikers | Football Manager 2017

Search ‘Sergio Ramos v Gerard Pique’ into YouTube and you will find many compilation videos debating who is the better footballer. And I say ‘footballer’ as there are many videos showing how good both players are in attack, despite being defenders.  Continue reading

Colombian Dream | Tolima: Colombia #4 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado’s Colombian nightmare has changed completely, becoming a Colombian dream. The Chilean manager has turned things around at Deportes Tolima, despite coming into the season under threat of being sacked. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #4 | June 2017 | Football Manager 2017

Things are going well in Portugal. Despite a potentially difficult first-season, we have progressed through it unscathed. In the following post we will go through all of our Porto squads and take a look through our developing youngsters. Continue reading

Paul Pogba – Complete Forward | Football Manager 2017

Paul Pogba. He is without doubt one of the best midfielders to have in your side on Football Manager. He has great passing and vision, meaning he could pick a pass to unlock even the tightest defences. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #3 | Mar 2017 | Football Manager 2017

17th March 2017: Regen day!

Porto fans across the world await news on any promising youngsters to have come through the Porto academy. Several fans have wondered if there will be another Ruben Neves this year. Indeed, for our series to be a success we need to be able to produce decent regens in order to ensure our first-team can progress in the years to come. Continue reading

Colombian Nightmare | Tolima: Colombia #3 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado is in a nightmare that he cannot wake up from. After arriving in Colombia a Chilean hero, a Union San Felipe title-winning legend, Hurtado has regressed back into the manager we saw in the Deportes Puerto Montt days. Continue reading