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Alejandro Hurtado has joined Deportes Tolima on a two year contract.

tolima welcome meeting

He will become the first Chilean manager in charge of Deportes Tolima in their history. A proud achievement for the young manager.

In our last VivaGlobetrotting post our manager Hurtado left his post at Union San Felipe after being offered a role abroad. In this post we’ll be looking at Hurtado’s new venture in management and why he sought them out.

Why Tolima?

Deportes Tolima are a Colombian Primera A side. Formed back in 1954, the Ibagué based side managed to attract Hurtado away from Union San Felipe with their impressive training facilities and good youth facilities.

In addition to a 26,000 seater stadium, the club boasts over 6000 season ticket holders. In comparison Union San Felipe had just 526 season ticket holders. This clearly emphasises the difference in fan base per side.

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The Club – Last Year

The Colombian Primera A has a different format to that of Chile. There are two seasons per year, the Apertura (First Phase) and the Finalizacion (Second Phase), in which each side plays 20 matches.

At the end of the stage there is a playoff system where teams play extra matches that appear to count towards the league. If you have any experience in playing the Colombian league please feel free to comment below!

Last year Tolima finished in 11th and 13th place in the league. In the cups they were knocked out in the 2nd Round of the Copa Sudamericana and the 2nd Round of the Colombian Cup.


The club looks to be in good financial state with a healthy wage budget of £67,000 per week. However there are several players that I have already highlighted as players to sell due to their high wages. I will speak about these players later.


Wow. Just 13 members of staff at the club. In the first team that number drops to 4, including Hurtado. The assistant manager AND head of youth development joined Tolima from Union San Felipe with the manager.

This is something that we will need to address in the off-season.

The Players

I have had a look through the players in the team and thought about those who will be leaving and those who we need to keep hold of.

To Stay

Nelson Angulo looks to be a very good striker, one to build our attack around.

Throughout our time at Tolima it may be near impossible to make comparisons with our Union San Felipe players, and indeed Nelson Angulo reminds me of a young Juan Jeraldino.

Jhonny Vargas is a strong centre-back with excellent jumping reach. He has very good core stats for a central defender and I will be looking to build our defence around him, our rock, in the centre.

Cristian Rivas is a 17 year old youngster with huge potential. Already a three star potential player he could well be the future of our side in the years to come.

Rivas may need time to become consistent, but game time is what he needs.

To Leave

Leandro Sosa is earning double the wages of any other player at the club. Technically he is superb for our level but physically he is not good enough.

We’ll be trying to get rid of him for a good fee.

Jhon Arboleda could easily be a second striker alongside Nelson Angulo. However his high wage as well as his ageing years deems him to be a sellable asset.

Uruguayan midfielder Emiliano Romero will be leaving at the end of his contract. He looks a good enough player to play in the centre of our midfield but we need to look to the future. In addition we can only register 4 foreign players to our squad. Romero is not good enough to deserve a foreign players spot.

The Tolima Tales

With the aim of VivaGlobetrotting being to win each South American top tier league and cup (from the playable nations in FM17) we will be looking to build a strong squad with Tolima.

Our manager Alejandro Hurtado is embarking on his third role as a manager after his playing career ended prematurely due to injury. Can he replicate his Union San Felipe form with Deportes Tolima?

Or will the nightmare of Puerto Montt come back to haunt us in Colombia?

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