The Unforeseen Drop Off | Union San Felipe: Chile #7 | Football Manager Stories

Through all of our previous seasons with Union San Felipe, we have yet to suffer the dreaded dip in form. We’ve lost games of course, but never enough to worry about. However in 2021, the unforeseen drop off arrived and it tore our season in two.

I call it ‘unforeseen’ and you’ll see why shortly.

2021 Season Review

We’ll start by reviewing our league season and will follow by looking at our cup and continental matches.

February and March


Our season began very well and we were sitting in 2nd after the first couple of months of the season.


Luis Casanova was sent off in three consecutive matches, something I have never experienced before on Football Manager.

He never played for Union San Felipe again.

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April and May – Here is where the unforeseen drop off begins


After beating Colo Colo we actually sat 1st in the Primera. Alejandro Hurtado, our manager, must have thought that the league could be won. That was my thinking.

However we were unable to win a point for the rest of April and May. The Jeraldino brothers managed to score 13 between them, but defensively we were not good enough.

June, July and August


Our losing streak extended to nine straight games, which in any season will derail the side, let alone a season with just 30 matches.

We won our first game in ten against bottom of the table Union La Calera and moved higher in the table, but realistically we had to turn our thoughts to continental qualification by finishing 8th or above.

September, October and November


Our season finished with just one loss in eight matches.

We were unable to finish any higher than 9th, which means no continental football for Union San Felipe in 2022.


Cup and Continental


Thanks to our high finish in the 2020 season we were rewarded with a place in the Copa Libertadores.

We were pitted against Colombian side Millonarios and were not expected to progress through the round.


Indeed, Millonarios proved too strong and knocked us out over two legs.

Chile Cup

We reached the 2nd Round of the Chile Cup, losing to Huachipato 2-1 after two legs.

With the aim of VivaGlobetrotting being to win each top tier competition in all of the playable South American nations, I’ll be looking to win the Chile Cup soon. I don’t want to have to return to nations just for a cup competition.


Union San Felipe will be looking to bounce back from their poor 2021 season. But will their manager Alejandro Hurtado remain in charge?

Should an opportunity to manage one of the big three (Colo Colo, Universidad de Chile and Universidad Catolica) arise would Hurtado remain loyal? Or will he jump ship?

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