Youth Development: Homegrown | Man Utd 2021 | Football Manager 2017

For those unaware, we are ending our Manchester United save. This means that Youth Development will be moving on to another club.

The plan is to update you on both the homegrown and scouted talent in our usual end of season twin posts. We will then holiday the save five years before updating you on every player who has featured in the series so far.

I’ve yet to decide the future club in the series, however I do know that I’ll only be focussing on homegrown talent.

If you have any suggestions for clubs do let me know in the comment section below.

Let’s get into our 2021 homegrown update!

Season Overview

I had decided at the beginning of the season that this year was to be my last at United. Therefore I focussed on the Champions League, which hindered my progress in the league.

We came fourth in the league and were knocked out in both cups in the early rounds.

In the Champions League we made the final, but lost to our inner-city rivals Manchester City 4-2.

So how did our homegrown talents develop over our fifth year at the club?

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Youth Development

Conor Hine

Attribute Developments

+4 Composure

+3 Balance

10 +2’s including Finishing and Decisions

13 +1’s including Passing and Work Rate

Conor Hine could well be the brightest youth prospect to have come through the youth system at Old Trafford in a number of years. His progression in just one season is astounding.

With a +4 in composure and +2 in finishing he looks like he is developing into a striker who will score a bunch of goals. I can’t wait to see how he has progressed after five more years!

Angel Gomes

Attribute Developments

12 +1’s including Technique and Anticipation

Angel Gomes has continued his development through playing regular first team football for United. He made 40 appearances in total over the season with 21 of those being starts.

What’s interesting is after beginning the save opting for England, he switched to Portuguese. He has now returned to English nationality so it will be interesting to see which nation he will declare for.

Lee O’Connor

Attribute Developments

6 +1’s including Long Throws and Concentration

-1 Long Shots

Irish international Lee O’Connor seems unlikely to really make a push for first-team football in Manchester. His progression has stalled somewhat, potentially due to a lack of opportunities at United.

He is certainly good enough to be a regular in a low-end Premier League side so perhaps United will loan him out in the seasons to come.

Chris Walters

Attribute Developments

11 +1’s including Dribbling and Strength

-1 Marking and Positioning

Chris is another youngster to come through the ranks at United and is showing promising signs. He is declining in his defensive ability (which is no real issue considering his position) but progressing well in attack.

Walters made just 12 appearances for United this season. But he is certainly one to watch over the next five years if United are able to keep him happy.

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Thanks for reading our final Manchester United homegrown post.

The next Youth Development post will be our Scouted update, followed by the 2026 final update of Youth Development: Manchester United. Here we’ll see how each member of our Youth Development series is getting on ten years on.


P.S. Comment below your recommendation for my next YD club!

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