FMPressure, Cleon81 | FM Content #7

Hello and welcome to another edition of More FM Content here on VivaLaVidaFM. In this series we take a look at other Football Manager bloggers and their ongoing saves.

The point of these posts is to help our community continue to grow.

The two FM Content creators we are going to look at today are James (@FMPressure) and Cleon (@Cleon81).


Auxerre: Clever Title

James is managing Auxerre in France and is battling the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco for French dominance. His posts are so very well written and easy to read.

James is currently in 2022 at time of writing and will be hoping to overthrow PSG for the Ligue 1 title over the coming seasons. He is a must follow if you are into FM stories.




SI Sports Centre


Cleon has a website that shares various different types of FM content, including stories, community focus and analysis. His website is very professional and looks so good.

His current FM story is focussed on N.E.C in Holland and is updated monthly (in-game). Cleon also features guest posts from other excellent FM authors so go over and have a look!



More FM Content

Thanks for reading Part Seven of our FM Content series. Here is our growing list of FM Content Creators. Should you wish to be mentioned in a future post of mine, please feel free to contact me by Twitter. You can find me @VivaLaVidaFM. Don’t be shy! Thanks

Part One:



Part Two:



Part Three:

@LittleJoe54321 (FMwrexham):

@FM0tter (ThiagoOderNichts):

Part Four:


@totalfootball71 (thewideplaymaker):

Part Five:


@arich202 (Alexandra):

Part Six:

@Armchair_Gaffer (Thomas Paine):

@uptheborofm (Andrew Ord):

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