Los Hermanos de San Felipe | Union San Felipe: Chile #6 | Football Manager Stories

Los hermanos. Do you know what it means in English? It’s Spanish for ‘the brothers’ and it doesn’t sound quite right without ‘pollos’ in the middle (Breaking Bad fans will understand the reference..).

Union San Felipe have made great strides under the leadership of their manager Alejandro Hurtado. When he joined, USF were struggling in the Primera B. In the season just gone he has lead them to a 3rd place finish in the Primera division.

Season Overview 2020



Having finished 6th the season before, Hurtado made no signings in the January transfer window. The objective this season would be to equal the achievements set last season.

Most of the yearly business was completed in June and July, where we made 5 signings and 1 big sale.

All five signings played their part over the second half of the season, with Vargas taking the number 1 spot in goal, Kimura securing a centre-back role and Casanova flirting his way into defensive midfield.

Mario Alonso left the club for a record £1M. All round a great deal. Not only have we made a huge profit, but we have also freed up an extra foreign player space in our squad.

Copa Sudamericana and Copa de Chile


Universidad de Chile, our seemingly unbeatable rivals in this save, ended our Copa de Chile hopes in the Quarter Final stage.


For finishing in 6th place the previous year we were rewarded with a place in the Copa Sudamericana. We beat Paraguayan outfit Sportivo Luqueno 3-1 on aggregate before narrowly losing out to Mexican powerhouse Chivas in the 2nd Round.


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The Primera Division

February and March



A very good start to the Primera division saw us win our first five matches. This included 19 goals in our first four (albeit with 10 goals conceded).

April and May



An incredible month for Juan Jeraldino in May saw him score 9 goals in five games. Los hermanos scored 6 of the 7 goals against O’Higgins, Juan netting a record five of them.

June and July


Just the three games in June and July, with two losses coming against Audax Italiano and San Luis (CHI).

August, September and October



Fairly inconsistent form through August, but the win against Everton (CHI) was excellent. Our chance of third place was under threat from both Universidad de Chile and Everton themselves, but a brilliant comeback put us in pole position for 3rd.

November and December


We secured third place in the league which meant we played Everton in the Semi Final to decide the Copa Libertadores qualification. Fortunately, despite losing, we still qualify for the Copa Libertadores by finishing third.


Season Overview



Here are the two matches of the season, both of which came away from home. Our attack is quite simply unstoppable on their day. Los hermanos through the centre with Martinez (or Patric) on the right wing and Lorenzo on the left. A quite incredible front four.


goalscorers-and-assists los hermanos

Juan Jeraldino has been superb once again, scoring 24 goals this year. Jean Patric has had an improved year, as has Alfio Lorenzo.

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The Future

What’s going to happen now in VivaGlobetrotting? What are my alter-ego Alejandro Hurtado’s plans for his career?

With the aim being to win each top tier competition in each playable South American country, it is important to make moves in order to improve the chances for success.

During the season just gone, Universidad de Chile sacked their manager and I was tempted to apply. However with the fast progress being made with Union San Felipe I decided against it. It is more important now to continue the improvement otherwise I’ll be looking to make the move to either Uni de Chile or Colo Colo.

These, and Universidad Catolica, would be the only Chilean clubs I would leave USF for.

Thanks for reading Part Ten of VivaGlobetrotting. I’m planning on bringing out a 5-season review of the save so far, be sure not to miss it!


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