Youth Development: Scouted | Man Utd 2020 | Football Manager 2017

Four seasons have now passed in my Manchester United save on Football Manager 2017. In this part of Youth Development we’ll be looking at our scouted stars.

We are currently following the progress of six players bought into the club through our scouting system. Let’s get started

Jens Birngruber


Attribute Developments:

19 +1’s including Tackling and Vision

Jens Birngruber is set to be a star, no doubt about it. Over the 19/20 season with United he featured less than he would have hoped. But it is important not to overuse the youngster to reduce his workload.

Younger players are often not as physically developed as older opponents and therefore need to be carefully bedded in to the first-team. 

Jens can look forward to an increased role in the first team over the coming season.

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Dayot Upamecano


Attribute Developments:

4 +1’s including Agility and Pace

5 -1’s including Positioning and Jumping Reach

For a 20 year old to decline as Dayot has is worrying. With no serious injuries over the previous year it is difficult to assess the reason for his decline.

Dayot made 9 first-team appearances over the season at United before moving on loan to Galatasaray (making 15 starts), so it can’t really be through a lack of playing time. 

Upamecano has not progressed sufficiently enough to warrant his place in this series, and indeed the United squad, so we’ll be saying goodbye to Dayot.

Francisco Trincao


Attribute Developments:

18 +1’s including Crossing and Pace

Trincao is developing very nicely. He made 10 appearances for the United first team before being loaned out to Palermo in Serie A. He played 18 games for them, averaging just under a 7.00 rating per match.

Francisco should be battling for a first-team spot over the seasons to come. He is progressing very well, but will need to keep on developing to cement a first-team spot at Old Trafford.

Riechedly Bazoer


Attribute Developments:

4 +1’s including Decisions and Acceleration

Bazoer is a very useful player to have as backup to my two centre-midfielders in Pogba and Kondogbia. However with the signing of Tottenham’s Dier last year he made fewer appearances, just 22 in total.

Riechedly may remain part of the United side to play as a rotation option, however his part in this Youth Development series is over. I’d prefer to focus on the development of up and coming youngsters as opposed to Bazoer, who’s 23.

Bye bye Bazoer!

Thomas Buitink


Attribute Developments:

3 +2’s including Strength and Dribbling

19 +1’s including Finishing and Composure


Thomas has had a very interesting three years at Manchester United. In his first year he developed outstandingly well. Then in his second year he stalled. And now he has developed brilliantly again in his third year.

This leaves me to wonder why did he stall in his second year at the club?

In his first year he played 42 games on loan at Rochdale. His second year he played 19 games for Utd before playing 39 games in the following season. Could it simply be down to game-time?

Facundo Colidio


Attribute Developments:

19 +1’s including Finishing and Technique

The lack of a work-permit for this fine young wonderkid is so frustrating. He’d easily be at least our third choice striker and playing regularly.

However due to the lack of work-permit Facundo spent time on loan, this time at Fiorentina in Serie A. He scored 19 goals in 38 games, averaging over a 7.15 rating per game.

With any luck he’ll be selected for Argentina soon and we’ll be able to apply for a work-permit. He could be the future of our strikeforce.

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Thanks for reading the 2020 update for our scouted stars. Please feel free to share around this series if you are enjoying it and leave a comment if you have any thoughts on why are players are developing in the way that they are.


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