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Hello and welcome to another edition of More FM Content here on VivaLaVidaFM. In this series we take a look at other Football Manager bloggers and their ongoing saves.

The point of these posts is to help our community continue to grow.

The two FM Content creators we are going to look at today are Thomas Paine (@Armchair_Gaffer) and Andrew Ord (@uptheborofm).

Thomas Paine

The ballad of Bobby Wood

Thomas Paine has chosen to lead Bologna, and Italian Serie A side. His aim will be to overthrow the dominance of Juventus and move on to challenge in Europe.

Thomas has already moved past season two. The above post describes how he achieved the unthinkable with Bologna after just two seasons!



Andrew Ord

Andrew has been appointed manager of Oxford United, who start life on FM17 in League One. He’ll need to build a side capable of winning promotion to the Championship first, before looking towards the heights of the Premier League.

Andrew is into the third season of his save which you can read above, but I’d advice you to go back and read the series from the beginning if you haven’t already.



More FM Content

Thanks for reading Part Six of our FM Content series. Here is our growing list of FM Content Creators. Should you wish to be mentioned in a future post of mine, please feel free to contact me by Twitter. You can find me @VivaLaVidaFM. Don’t be shy! Thanks

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@LittleJoe54321 (FMwrexham):

@FM0tter (ThiagoOderNichts):

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@totalfootball71 (thewideplaymaker):

Part Five:


@arich202 (Alexandra):

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