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Rated at 1000-1 to win the league at the beginning over the year, it is fair to say that Union San Felipe are exceeding expectations in the Chilean Primera Division this year.

This post will look at the second half of the 2019 season. You can catch up with the first part of the 2019 season by clicking here.

2019 Season – Exceeding Expectations

Primera Division



We started the Closing Stage of the Primera Division unbeaten, much like to the beginning of our campaign. A 7-0 thrashing of Palestino our season highlight, including a hat-trick for right-winger Lucas Martinez.



5 games unbeaten. Our home form has been so impressive so far this year. The Jeraldino twins have scored in each game in the Closing Stage so far.

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A tricky run of games (which yielded four losses in the Opening Stage) threatened to undo our bright start to the second half of the year.

The match against Colo Colo could have been our best of the year. We trailed 4-0 at 70 minutes but came back to lose by one goal. We even had a chance to equalise.

September and October


Two brilliant months for Union San Felipe and Alejandro Hurtado, our manager. Another huge win with a Lucas Martinez hat-trick. What a player he has turned out to be.

November and December


league-table-final exceeding expectations

A very impressive 5th place finish entered us into the Copa Libertadores Chilean League Playoff. Teams from 3rd to 6th are entered into a Playoff where the winner qualifies for the Copa Libertadores.

Unfortunately we were pitted against Universidad de Chile, who are clearly far better than we are at present.


I planned to keep this update fairly short. The reason for this is that I am planning on bringing out a three year review of VivaGlobetrotting so far, so keep an eye out for that. ***It would actually be a four year (technically four-season) review. The Chilean re-structure had me totally confused. Instead I think I’ll make it a five season review at the end of 2020***

Please see the post I wrote on @thehighertempo which explains the Chilean re-structure and what it means for us Football Manager players:


In terms of this save, I’ll be looking to win the Chilean Primera Division as soon as I can. On the way I hope to win the Copa de Chile as well, thereby completing the Chilean part of my challenge.

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Thanks for reading, it’s been a pleasure sharing my journey with you all.


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