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If you missed the last part of VivaGlobetrotting now is the time to go back…. VivaGlobetrotting Part Seven. Those who’ve read it already, let’s get started with our review of the Opening Stage of the 2019 season in the Chilean Primera Division.

I plan to have the majority of this part dedicated to the tactics we are using in our Union San Felipe stage of VivaGlobetrotting. If you are here for tactical talk I suggest you skip down a couple of sections.

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As you may well know from previous posts of mine, I tend not to take too long with pre-season. I arrange the fixtures myself, but let the assistant manage the matches.

The media don’t think we’ll achieve much this year. Indeed they believe we will be relegated back to the Primera B. Alejandro Hurtado is more optimistic however.

Despite the ridiculousness of the January transfer window only allowing three signings (let’s hope we don’t get relegated!) Hurtado managed to bring in two ready-made first team players.



Both Alonso and Martinez will be ever present in the first-team this season. Youngster Garrido will have to wait for his chance with both Jeraldino twins having secured their places in the side for several seasons to come.

Let’s get on with our opening stage review.

Primera Division Opening Stage


opening-stage-table primera

Rather than go through each month this post, I’ve decided to shorten this section in order to focus more on our tactics.

We have had a very successful start to our step up to the Primera Division. Having gone unbeaten for the first five matches, Hurtado and his team then struggled for form before bouncing back towards then end of the stage.

10th place is nothing to be unhappy about considering the media prediction of 16th at the beginning of the year. Hurtado will be hoping his side can push on towards the end of the year.

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The Tactics

Over the course of our Union San Felipe chapter of VivaGlobetrotting, we have stuck to using one formation in two tactics. We started off using a counter tactic before moving onto a control tactic.

After our promotion to the Primera Division we moved back to the counter tactic, before again switching to the control tactic towards the end of the opening stage.


Here is a screenshot of our counter tactic which I will talk through first:


Mentality: Counter

Team Shape: Structured – I want my team to remain in a structured shape to make it difficult for the opponents to find space in between the lines


Clear Ball to Flanks – to counter the opponents I will look to exploit the flanks by clear the ball to the wide players, thereby allowing them to use their pace to attack out wide

Drop Deeper – I want my defence to drop deeper to deny the opponents space behind my defence to play though balls

Be More Disciplined – my players need to have more discipline throughout the match, often playing safer rather than trying something expressive

Stick to Positions – this is similar to our instruction to remain disciplined. We want our defenders to defend, our midfielders to defend and attack and our attackers to attack

Close Down Much Less – Again, we will be looking to force the opponents into taking long shots or simply losing possession through a lack of patience

Prevent Short GK Distribution – I want the opposing GK to clear the ball as opposed to passing the ball, giving us a chance to win the ball back

The Aim

What is the aim of this tactic? How do we look to score? How do we defend? I’m going to run through a short overview of how this tactic works and when we should be looking to change it.

The aim of this tactic is to limit the oppositions clear cut chances and break on the counter quickly. If the opponents have fewer chances to score, the more chance we have of winning.

Defensively I want us to allow the opposition possession whilst remaining solid at the back. We don’t press and we sit deep, forcing the opponents into long shots.

In attack we use the wider areas effectively, often crossing in balls behind the defence for our strikers to attack. Our strikers should press their defence, forcing them into playing longer passes and allowing us a chance to break again.


As stated earlier, we tended to move to the control tactic later on in the season after using the counter system to gain confidence and win some points early in the season.


Mentality: Control

Shape: Fluid


Shorter Passing – In our control system we really want to keep the ball. Therefore we play with shorter passing to control the play

Play Wider – In addition we will play wider to stretch the opposition and create space in the middle, either for our centre midfielders to exploit or our strikers to come deep to pick up the ball

The Aim

In defence we pressure the opponents and aim to win the ball back. However we don’t want our players to over exert themselves so haven’t added any instructions for this. 

When attacking, our wide players stretch the play wide and our central midfielders control the play, often switching the play to disrupt the defensive shape of the opponents.

In this system I want us to involve our star strikers more often and therefore one of them will sit deeper to get the ball. Our wingers attack, running at the defence and getting crosses into our strikers at every opportunity.

Post Overview

Hopefully you have enjoyed this rather long post of VivaGlobetrotting. I wanted to spend a bit of time looking through our tactic and explaining why we play how we do and how it works for us.

Additionally I have read polls on Twitter that state that a large portion of FM Content readers look for tactical advice or tips on general gameplay. Although I’m not the best player of Football Manager, I will look to add in tactical advice as and when I see fit.

The next VivaGlobetrotting post will cover the end of the 2019 season, Union San Felipe’s first in the Primera Division of Chile. 

Can we continue to develop and improve? Or will our form desert us, leaving us battling the drop?

Thanks for reading, VivaLaVidaFM

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