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Hello and welcome to another edition of More FM Content here on VivaLaVidaFM. In this series we take a look at other Football Manager bloggers and their ongoing saves.

The point of these posts is to help our community continue to grow.

The two FM Content creators we are going to look at today are Diego Mendoza (@DMendoza1969) and Alexandra (@arich202).

Diego Mendoza


Here is the first post of ‘Diego of Arabia’. At time of writing it is the only post uploaded by Diego Mendoza but it is a must read. Diego is appointed manager of both Al Wahda in the UAE and the UAE national side.

Instead of writing blogs on his save, Diego tweets regular updates which you can keep up to date with by following him on Twitter. He is just over six months into his save so now is the time to follow to ensure that you do not miss too much!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DMendoza1969

Blog: https://passthebloodyball.wordpress.com/


FM17 Southampton Journey – A New Dawn

The links above show the first post in a Southampton series by Alexandra. She is appointed manager of Soton with a healthy transfer budget and will be looking to scout and purchase many wonderkids to turn The Saints into Europe’s elite.

Alexandra, too, is just six months into her save. You can read the six posts so far by following the links below.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arich202

Blog: http://fm17journey.blogspot.co.uk/

More FM Content

Thanks for reading Part Five of our FM Content series. With my blog growing over time, I’ve decided to add at the end of each FM Content post the creators I have previously mentioned. That way anyone new to my blog can go back and read the previous posts. Or they can simply visit the blogs from here.

Part One:



Part Two:



Part Three:

@LittleJoe54321 (FMwrexham): https://fmwrexham.wordpress.com/

@FM0tter (ThiagoOderNichts): https://thiagoodernichts.wordpress.com/

Part Four:


@totalfootball71 (thewideplaymaker): https://thewideplaymaker.com/

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