The Jeraldino Twins | Union San Felipe: Chile #3 | Football Manager Stories

Union San Felipe are rejuvenated under the management of Alejandro Hurtado. Since joining the club, Hurtado has managed to get the best out of his stars. Most notably is the development of the Jeraldino twins. They have turned into an unstoppable force up front.

Of the two brothers, Juan dominates the press reports, often scoring braces and hat-tricks and winning Union San Felipe matches. But Ignacio contrbutes heavily to the team. His chemistry with Juan is unrivalled.

In terms of their play, Ignacio sits deeper beind Juan. This can often lead to wonderstrikes as shown in the video below. The Jeraldino twins truly are a force to be reckoned with.

We start our post halfway through the 2018 season. USF sit in second place and are hoping to put on a run of form that will see them gain promotion to the Primera Division.


Closing Stage



Primera B:

Magallanes 0-1 USF

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Primera B:

USF 0-0 Deportes Puerto Montt

USF 1-0 Coquimbo Unido

Deportes Valdivia 1-3 USF

Nublense 0-3 USF



Copa de Chile 1st Round:

O’Higgins 4-2 USF


Primera B:

USF 3-0 Trasandino

August and September


Primera B:

USF 2-0 San Marcos de Arica

Cobreloa 0-2 USF

USF 1-1 Santiago Morning

Santiago Wanderers 2-2 USF

October, November and December


Primera B:

USF 1-0 Deportes La Serena

Union La Calera 0-2 USF

USF 2-0 Deportes Copiapo

Iberia 3-4 USF

USF 1-0 Rangers (CHI)

Season Review


We are Champions!!! An amazing second half of the season helped us to overtake Deportes La Serena to win the league. We remained unbeaten thanks to a host of solid and consistent performances from our team.


We will run through some of the best performers now.

Juan Jeraldino

It’s only fair to start with our best player. Without Juan we would not be in the position that we are now.


As you can see, Juan scored an incredible 24 league goals in just 26 starts (1 substitute appearance). His contribution cannot be underestimated; he scored so many crucial goals that helped win us the league.

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Ignacio Jeraldino


Juan’s twin brother Ignacio became a key part of the side this year. His chemistry with Juan up front helped us outscore opponents, assisting 12 goals this season.

Eduardo Farias


At the back we had Eduardo Farias. His consistency over the season helped us keep the most clean sheets in the league. None of his mistakes led to goals either which shows his ability to recover after making errors.

Alfio Lorenzo


The last player we will look at is our left winger Alfio Lorenzo. We’ve struggled to find a role that maximises Alfio’s quality.

When we had Sirino on the right wing (who our board unceremoniously sold without our consent) Alfio went under the radar. But with Sirino gone we looked to Alfio to perform. He did, with a 7.15 average rating, but we will expect more over the coming season.

This season appears to have been a coming of age for the Jeraldino twins. Let’s hope they can keep up their form as we move into the Primera Division.

Thank you for reading part seven of VivaGlobetrotting. Our next post will come halfway through our first season in the Primera Division. Will Union San Felipe be able to assert themselves in the top tier of Chilean football?


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